5 New Features In Webtrends 10.7

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Webtrends recently presented the latest version of its web analytics platform, Webtrends 10.7. This brings quite a few interesting new features compared with the previous version.

For those still on Webtrends 9, this new release may not be perfect, but should finally convince you to move to Webtrends 10.

Here is a quick overview of the new features.

1. Custom reporting period

Webtrends 10.6 was limited to a few default reporting periods (24 hours, 7 days, 28 days, 91 days, etc.). From now on, you will be able to select the reporting date range that best suits your analysis. You will also be able to save it as the default view.

2. Custom reports view

This was the major reason for many not switching from Webtrends 9. Where custom reports were composed of multiple columns, Webtrends 10 did not bring report templates from Webtrends 9. This reduced the report’s legibility.

It is now possible to add/remove columns, pin/unpin the charts and keep the column label when scrolling down the report.

Unfortunately there is still no way to create queries on dimensions except by using the search box.

3. Report/dashboard bookmarks

Sorely missing since Webtrends 9, version 10.7 now introduces bookmarks in reports and dashboards.

You are now able to save the URL for a report directly into your browser favourites or bookmarks.

As in Webtrends 9, URLs can also be easily shared with other users (provided that they have rights to the same account and profile).

4. PDF exports and scheduled exports

Another feature missing in Webtrends 10 was the ability to export a report in PDF format – CSV was the only option.

This feature has now been added back into Webtrends 10.7.

A report can be exported exactly as it is seen on the screen (WYSIWYG). This means your report will look exactly the same in PDF as in your customised view.

On the other hand, you may have to extract three or more PDF files for the same report if it sits on several pages… after all, what you see is what you get!

The new version also brings more admin tasks in the interface (you may recall needing to use Webtrends 9 to create new profiles and set up reports). You’ll also be able to manage scheduled exports.

Note that this feature is independent of the export scheduler in Webtrends 9, so you would need to migrate the scheduled jobs to version 10.7 if you wish to set them up from there.

5. Free ad hoc analysis

Last but not least, Webtrends introduced FREE ad hoc analysis.

About a year ago, Webtrends quietly added the ability to kick off short-term rollbacks of your profiles.  If you are a Webtrends OnDemand user, ad hoc analysis allows you to add a new custom report or correct a filter, and re-analyse a bit of your data with the new settings.

At the time, everybody recognized this as one of Webtrends’ most useful features, as it gave more flexibility to the tool. (Note: for many reasons, Webtrends doesn’t provide data segmentation on the fly as Google Analytics or Adobe SiteCatalyst do, so you need to set all your drill-through reports beforehand).

You previously needed to buy credits to re-analyse a profile, but now this feature is free for everything up to three full months of data. Hallelujah!

Final thoughts…

With 10.7, Webtrends has now filled most of the functional gaps between 9 and 10, and brings more interesting features to the UI.

Although it should finally convince users to move to Webtrends 10, we still have the problem that Admins and Reports Manager have to use different versions of the same analytics tool for setting up AND viewing reports.

Free ad hoc analysis for up to three months is a major plus for Webtrends, which has often been criticized for its lack of flexibility. No more excuses for not having the right data for recent time periods!

But no matter how advanced your analytics tool, you’ll still need to collect the right data and create the right dashboards in order to make data-driven decisions. This version is no replacement for web analytics expertise!

If you have any questions about your Webtrends implementation, email us at info@mezzomarketing.co.uk.

Author: Romain Ammar, Web Analytics Manager, Mezzo Labs