Adobe Analytics, Now In Real-Time

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Adobe revealed new capabilities in their release of Analytics 1.4 with enhancements mainly addressing the challenge that most marketers face today – identifying actionable insights in real time.

Here’s a summary of the new features…

Anomaly detection

This capability uses predictive analytics to identify data points which fall outside of the historical ‘norms’.


The new data visualisation will help you detect anomalies almost immediately. This gives you time to act quickly and prevent unusual spikes (or dips) becoming major issues.

Advanced real-time reports

The speed of marketing is becoming increasingly critical. So Adobe have introduced true real-time reports. The advantages are that they are:

  • Current. Data latency is as low as a few seconds, with almost no lag between data collection and availability
  • Granular. Real-time reports show activity by the minute, improving on the hourly granularity offered by most reports
  • Alive. New data is streamed into reports automatically every 3-5 seconds, with no need to refresh the browser

Up to 3 real-time reports are configurable in every report suite. The advantages are:

  • No tagging is required
  • All traffic variables are included as dimensions
  • All custom and shopping cart events are available as metrics

Clicking on any product name will give you a breakdown by referring domain and GeoSegmentation for that product.


Full-screen mode is also available for display on big screens.

Upgraded video and mobile analytics

Engagement with video is now more transparent through a ‘heartbeat’ measurement model.

It is similar for mobile apps via a host of new metrics.

The heartbeats are 10-second measurements taken during a video playback or live event, providing a rolled-up minute granularity.

Adobe Analytics receives

  1. Initial server call at the start of the video
  2. Heartbeats every 10 seconds, aggregated in a processing layer
  3. Final call, when the viewing session ends

A further benefit is that pricing is based on stream starts. This means you pay only one price, whether a viewer has watched 5 or 20 minutes of video.

Ad tracking is also included in the overall stream price, and works in the same way as video content tracking in terms of server calls.

Three video reports are also undergoing continuous improvement:

  • Video Overview
  • Video Detail
  • Video Daypart

Adobe have enhanced their mobile tracking with App Store and GPS location data, as well as purchase and social sharing information. The aim is to empower marketers through  personalisation (by serving location-specific content, for example) and optimisation of conversion rates through in-app analysis.

Final thoughts

It seems this release delivers much of what has been promised (or in beta) for the past couple of years.

There’s also a new simplified menu, which should answer those questions about where to find a report.

They appear to be focused on making life easier for marketers and analysts – not only in getting to ‘big data’, but addressing the issues of immediacy, managing anomalies and enabling quick, effective decisions.

We should applaud Adobe for their efforts!

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Author: Lance Nelson, Web Analytics Manager, Mezzo Labs