Webtrends Adds Explore And Lifetime Stream

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Webtrends releases two new additions to its analytics product stack: a big-data query tool and a contextual marketing extension to their real-time data product.

At last week’s London Engage event, Bruce Kenny, EVP of Product, took the room through his vision for Webtrends’ products:

  • Democratisation of insights and actions to empower execution teams
  • Predictions based on data and science
  • Contextualised marketing and full integration with other tools.

And to show that they weren’t resting on their laurels, Bruce revealed two new and exciting tools which will be available free to their current analytics clients in spring 2014.

The Webtrends vision is evident in both.

Webtrends Explore

Webtrends Explore lets the data become the interface, as Eric Butler, Senior Director of Emerging Technologies at Webtrends, explained.

The tool makes ad hoc exploration of big data easier and more intuitive.

It allows a meandering investigation. Starting at the most high level view, a non-analyst can easily choose particular section of the data for further enquiry, they can then dig deeper into this group, using segments, filters and subcategories, without having to navigate away from the table or lose track of their investigation.

The Webtrends blog has a demo of the tool.

The objective for this new development was obviously to overcome the overwhelming amount of data that most digital companies are now collecting.

Deciphering this impenetrable ocean of data is often the job of a small team of analysts who are often unprepared, unqualified or unequipped to take action on any insights they produce.

This causes a necessary divide between the holders of the information and those in a position to act.

Webtrends Explore is an earnest attempt at democratising the data, empowering non-analysts to dig around in the wealth of data at their disposal.

Webtrends Lifetime Stream

This tool is an extension of the existing suite of Stream product family.

Event Streams and Session Streams provide real-time data about a visitor while they’re on your site.

Lifetime Streams adds in extra information about the visitor:

  • Behaviours
  • Lifetime value
  • Recency
  • Frequency
  • Acquisition channels

The objective is to make individual customer lifetime attributes available at the moment needed to act.

Their assertion: Lifetime Stream is the tool you need to provide contextual marketing to your customer.