Why You Should Consider Google Analytics Premium

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Romain Ammar of Mezzo Labs talks about the capabilities of GA Premium and why you should consider switching.

Many advertisers only highlight the fact that Google Analytics Premium is a paid version, but only a few know its real capabilities that make it a top-class tool. Some of Google Analytics Premium’s capabilities are definitely making a difference in a world where the data is (or should be) at the heart of decision-making.

First, let’s be very clear: the Premium version of Google Analytics is not a pale, slightly improved imitation of Google Analytics. Although this version looks very similar to the standard version from the front-end, it is much more powerful and has exclusive features.

What you need to know

The main advantages of Google Analytics Premium:

  • Unsampled reports
  • Customer-owned data
  • Dynamic attribution model based on data
  • Multi-property reports
  • 10x more custom dimensions
  • Unlimited support





What we like

We all know how difficult it is to come up with a perfect method for assigning credit to each channel that has contributed to the sale or conversion. Attribution modelling gives headaches to advertisers, vendors and marketers!

Google Analytics Premium offers a dynamic allocation model that evaluates thousands of combinations of channels to find the real synergies. The model is based on a powerful algorithm and makes use of the enormous processing power of Google data. The algorithm uses mathematical principles of the Shapley model to transform the way we attribute media credit from a probabilistic model.

How does it work?

1. The algorithm will consider the conversion path (aka the customer journey) of each visitor to the site, and whether it led to a purchase/conversion or not. Then, based on a prediction of the impact of the channel on the final conversion, it will assign a value to each of your marketing channels and at every level of the contact point.

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2. The probabilistic model then defines a conversion rate for visitors from a particular path of conversion, and then compares this rate to another from the same set of visitors but with a different way of conversion.

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3. To view the results of the Shapley model on the attribution model, GA Premium users should refer to the Model Explorer report.

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4. You will then be able to compare results with the default allocation model and, adjust and test combinations.

So, the Shapley-based attribution model helps you go beyond the last-click limitation. By testing different combinations of campaigns, you will see which investments have actually influenced your results, without using a predetermined attribution model. You do not have to predict your attribution model, Google Analytics Premium does it for you based on your business reality.

Now, are there any good reasons not to consider Google Analytics Premium?