Case study: Barclays Money Skills dashboards

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What the challenge was

Barclays Money Skills is a programme which helps young people learn how to manage their money better.

The Barclays Money Skills website was developed for both young people and their teachers or social workers, to support a programme of events, promotions and activities.

Early indications were that the website was getting a good amount of traffic, but it was not known what kinds of visitors were coming to the site and how they were engaging with its content.

It was also not known how the Budget Calculator, the most useful tool on the site, was being used as it had not been tagged.

Mezzo Labs were asked to tag the site properly and to help measure performance.

What we did

We divided the project into two phases.

First was tracking of Key Performance Indicators. We took stakeholders through a KPI workshop using the REAN methodology (Reach, Engage, Act, Nurture), agreed their objectives and KPIs and then translated them into technical variables. After the workshop we configured Google Analytics and produced GA dashboards for these KPIs.

Second was deeper level analysis of their visitor traffic. Barclays wanted to know what kind of people were reaching their website and how they were using it. We segmented the visitors, and then focused on what content each type was looking at, what were the most and least popular pages, and which tools they used.

We found a way to identify two categories of people: young people and teachers/social workers. Using Google Tag Manager, we deployed new tags onto the website, so we could track each visitor type. We could then produce custom reports for each.

What Barclays got

Barclays Money Skills now have the data they need to measure their website performance, to understand their visitors’ behaviour and to make decisions about improvement.

By using Google Tag Manager and some technical skill, we were able to deliver in 3 weeks what would normally have been taken 3 or 4 months.