Case study: Tracking application forms

, Posted by Adrian Kingwell in Case Study

A specialist bank and asset manager, providing a diverse range of financial products and services, for which clients are able to apply via a secure dynamic application from.

One of the main challenges the client was facing was that they were unable to properly track applicants through all the steps of the application form. And in turn, they were not able to link the applicants back to their referral partner.

The client sought Mezzo Labs’ expertise to achieve proper tracking of the funnel for their dynamic application forms.


As this was a technically challenging project, we suggested implementing a tag management system, Google Tag Manager. We created custom variables for each step of the form, allowing information to be passed back to the analytics platform.

We set up campaign naming conventions to help the client understand from which partner their applicants had been referred.

We also helped them set up experiments to conduct A/B testing. This tested different versions of their landing pages to measure the success of their application forms.


The client now has the ability to properly track and analyse their application form. Analysing data through the Multi-Channel Funnels reports in Google Analytics, Mezzo managed to find several combinations that minimize their cost per acquisition.

They can now also measure and report effectively on how much traffic each of their campaign bring to the website.