Case study: Improving brand awareness and attracting website traffic

, Posted by Adrian Kingwell in Case Study

One of UK’s largest investment houses for individual and institutional clients, that have fifteen websites for each European region, catering to private and corporate investors, approached Mezzo Labs for analytics services.

The clients main goal was to improve brand awareness and promote fund sales by attracting the right type of visitors online, and engaging users with ideas and thought leadership.

They also wanted to streamline their Google Analytics to have a single view across all their operating regions.


After conducting a business workshop with the clients digital team, we agreed on high-level business objectives that would help them improve their business.  Each business objective was then translated into website objectives and actions to meet these objectives, forming a KPI framework.

We implemented a new Google Analytics account that provided a global view while holding the existing implementation intact. Google Tag Manager was used to tag all websites under one account to ensure a single customer view.

We also created custom dashboards showing metrics that were aligned to the business KPIs and primary business objectives.


Mezzo Labs provided quality insights for all the clients brands and stakeholders.  They have started using this information to understand user journeys, and to get quality insights across different audience groups and regions.

Group marketing has improved brand presence across all paid and owned media by understanding channel that drive engaged customers.