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I was reading a Seth Godin book and I read this:

“The book that will change your life the most is the book you write.”

I instantly stopped. Seth, I wonder if you are right?

So if it really is going to change my life, why had I not written my book already? Why am I reading, when I should be writing? I could certainly do it… What’s stopping me? Fear? Time? Other priorities?

If it’s so life-changing, why doesn’t everyone write their book? Everyone has a story to tell: their story, about their lives, their hopes, their dreams. Could I help them get this get into a book, help them change their lives?

Oh. My. God. How amazing would that be?

I’ve got to do something about this.

So I created Inside Out. In a way it’s my first book, but I’m not the author. In fact it’s just chapter headings and blank pages.

And this is how it works…

You joined Mezzo Labs. Welcome aboard. And we want you to be happy. But we can’t do that unless you know what would make you truly happy, not superficially, but from the inside.

So we will give you one copy of Inside Out. And you will complete it, not by yourself, not with my help, but with the help of Sarah, a professional life coach. And month by month, chapter by chapter, Sarah will guide you through it.

This book will be written by you, for you. No one else will see it. No will else will know what is in it.

What will you get at the end of it? You will have your story, your journey, starting at where you came from and ending with where you want to get to.

Let’s see if Seth was right. Let’s see if it changes your life.

At least you will have done something most people will never do.

You will have written your first book 🙂

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