Case study: Tracking online sales

, Posted by Adrian Kingwell in Case Study

One of UK’s leading providers of specialist insurance services and affinity marketing solutions provides users with an online application for different insurance products.

The client wanted to monitor these application forms to accurately track their online sales. More specifically, they wanted to capture information about products sold and revenue. They also wanted the ability to monitor activity through Google Analytics and Double Click.


We suggested implementing a tag management system, Google Tag Manager. Using this we created a data layer, which captured each step of the application form. We were also able to capture custom variables for price, destination, and product.

Google Analytics and Double Click were set up, and information from Google Tag Manager was passed through to these two platforms. We also helped to create strategic dashboards in Google Analytics.


The client is now able to accurately track their application forms, and have the ability to report on each and every step of the form funnel.

With Mezzo Labs’ expert abilities, this project, which would usually take months to sort through, was delivered in 1 week.