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Candidates often ask us what our benefits are, as if working for the world’s coolest analytics company isn’t enough 😉 We have put together a bundle of things that we hope will make working for us even more special.

Here are the highlights…

Inside Out career coaching

Inside Out shows how committed we are to your happiness. We’ll give you a book that contains only chapter headings and blank pages. Sarah, our professional life coach, will help you write your own book – a book of your life so far, your dreams, goals, and a plan of how to get there.


We’ll add you to our Vitality healthcare plan. If you want to, you can add your spouse and dependents at extra cost. Vitality comes with loads of benefits, such as a 50% discount off Virgin gym membership. It’s a great deal.

Your birthday

Take your birthday off. Go home, relax, enjoy it. You can also go out for a birthday meal with a partner at a decent restaurant and we’ll pick up the tab. Happy Birthday 🙂

Nursery vouchers

If you’re looking after small children, we offer a government-approved salary sacrifice nursery voucher scheme. You transfer some of your salary into the scheme and the government adds back your tax to the voucher value. Every little (one) counts.

Cycle to Work

If you buy your bicycle through our scheme and use it to commute to work, you can offset the cost against your tax bill. Depending on how much tax you pay, that could save you well over 30% on the cost of your dream Chopper.

Zipcar membership

Need a car in a hurry? You can use one of those convenient car club vehicles you see parked in your neighbourhood. We’ll add you to our corporate Zipcar membership – you just pay for the hours you need.

Stock options

We have an HMRC EMI stock option scheme. This means you have the option to buy shares in the company for a very reasonable price that should be worth considerably more if the company gets bought out. If you help us build a business that’s worth millions, it’s our way of saying thank you.


If you are working in a billable role, you can earn a percentage of your billings as commission. The more you bill, the bigger the bonus. It’s a simple way of encouraging you to do stuff that is good for the business.

If you want to find out about working at Mezzo Labs, contact us.

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