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Four years ago we decided to make this the best company anyone had ever worked for. If a recruiter calls with a better job, we want you to say, “That’s impossible. I work for the coolest analytics company on the planet.”

People First

To do that, we put our employees’ needs before ours. We had to listen and give them what they need, and then give them the space and encouragement to try a few things out.

Mezzo Labs is basically a talent incubator. We hire people with a lot of talent and some great ideas, and if we can incubate it, bring it to life, we’ll all benefit.

So you say what you need, we’ll support you. You want a career path, you map it, we’ll help you get there. You need training, you find it, we’ll buy it. Most importantly, we help you make your own decisions in front of customers.

We call this inverted management model “People First”.

We culture

But you are expected to give something back too. Help colleagues. Teach, as well as learn. Give, as well as take. A culture of “we” not “me”.

So, organise brown bag lunches to share what you’ve learned. Support new starters by buddying with them. There’s no social committee, but if you want to organise an after-work event, we’ll pay for it.

Ideas for new employment benefits are invented by employees too. A day off on your birthday (and a meal with your partner at a top restaurant) – that was a great idea that came from someone like you. Another needed flexible working to fit around child support. We made that happen.

But culture can be spoiled if we hire the wrong people. So the whole team is involved in recruitment. It’s a joint decision, ensuring new joiners fit in. You’ll play a role in that. Everyone is responsible for making this a success.

Inside Out

No matter how fun the job, how great the team, if you are unhappy outside the office, you’ll be unhappy inside.

We thought, maybe we can help with that too.

So we created Inside Out.

Inside Out is a book with chapter headings and blank pages. Each book comes with five bi-weekly sessions from a professional coach, followed by a coaching session every quarter after that.

After the initial five Induction sessions, you will have written your own unique book – a book of your life so far, your dreams, your goals, and a plan of how to get there.

Does it work?

The results are mind-blowing. Everyone emerges from their first five coaching sessions with a clearer sense of their career values, their strengths and what it’s all leading towards, with handy exercises and tools they can use beyond the sessions.

The following four sessions spread out over each year provide an anchor point to prepare for an impactful half-yearly review or address key obstacles and goals to increase effectiveness and contentment. Our regular happiness surveys show a marked improvement since the programme started in early 2016. And we have had no leavers for at least 6 months.

We are constantly on the look out for ways to make this the coolest company on the planet. If you’ve got an idea, speak up. We’re all ears.

If you want to find out about working at Mezzo Labs, contact us.

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