Case study: Understanding audience behaviour

, Posted by Adrian Kingwell in Case Study

A leading credit card issuer in the UK wanted to gain insights on their website’s historical data to understand in which direction they should be heading.  Understanding their audience behaviour was key.

Mezzo Labs were asked to use Adobe Analytics to determine who their visitors were, to find out where the visits originated from and to establish whether they achieve their goals.

The output should be insight report presented in Powerpoint on a monthly basis.


We implemented additional tracking and advanced reports in Adobe Analytics to give in-depth insights into the visitors’ behaviour.

To understand how social media and content platforms were driving traffic, we implemented campaign tracking. This provided visibility into which social networks were more effective in driving click-throughs, how paid posts compared to organic, and which content categories derived better engagement.

Finally, we created segments based on visitor behaviour, which gave the client a better picture of their audience.


Through Mezzo Labs’ advanced analysis, the client was given the tools to help make informed data-driven decisions.

They now have a more clear understanding of their audience and the performance of their website. A better idea of the types of content that visitors are coming for and where paid media efforts should be focused.