Case Study: Measuring multi-channel marketing performance

, Posted by Francesca DelGuidice in Case Study

One of the UK’s leading business banks wanted to consolidate the data and reporting of their various marketing channels (PPC, SEO, paid media, email, and direct mail) in order to better understand what was working (and not working), and then to use the data to improve marketing performance.

The dashboards aimed to provide senior management with visual representation of trends, interactive filtering and drilldown into specific data attributes, as well as comparison across selected reporting periods, in a central online location.

The client wanted to use the same time-base (fiscal weeks) across all channel reports. They also wanted ensure the data was secure.


Mezzo Labs first led stakeholders from each marketing channel through a KPI workshop. We created a draft design of the dashboards with wireframes. We then mapped out a local, rather than cloud-based, solution for managing the bank’s data, as one of their biggest concerns was maintaining tight security. Moreover, as the team needed a single data point that everyone could get access to, we recommended using browser-based dashboards.

After looking at the bank’s current software systems, we suggested using Tableau to complement their set-up in a scalable fashion.

As time was of the essence, we then helped the bank to build their dashboards in Tableau, updating shared documents on the back-end and creating a unified method for documenting insights.


Senior stakeholders are now able to optimise their media spend by monitoring how each channel performs against target.

Moreover, within days of it going live, the new dashboards alerted them to a conversion rate dip in one of the channels – an important early warning of potentially costly problem.

We are also looking to further automate the bank’s offline data, using tools such as Alteryx to achieve faster solutions across multiple data sets.