Getting to Grips with… GDPR for digital marketers

, Posted by Adrian Kingwell in Past Event

Mezzo Labs latest event focused on GDPR, the new EU data protection regulation.

Although the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) sounds more like an IT or legal issue, it’s a highly relevant and topical issue for digital marketers.

Mezzo Labs hosted two packed out events at the Goldsmith Centre in Farringdon. Both event were very well received and got some great feedback about the quality and usefulness of the speakers and content.


  • Raoul Lumb – Data Protection Lawyer, Simons Muirhead & Burton
  • Lindsay McEwan – VP & MD EMEA, Tealium
  • Adrian Kingwell – Managing Director, Mezzo Labs


Raoul Lumb presented The Letter of Law. Raoul gave an overview of the legal aspects of GDPR in the context of wider EU data protection and privacy regulation changes and how it will affect digital marketing.



Lindsay McEwan reviewed The Martech Industry and Your Data. He took a look at the impact of GDPR on the marketing technology industry and advised on the steps companies should take to safeguard their vendor engagements.



Adrian Kingwell discussed 350 days to Armageddon. He spoke about how personal data needs to be protected in a world where digital channels are rapidly changing and offered some practical guidance on how to see GDPR as an opportunity, rather than a threat to digital marketing.

Adrian also shared Mezzo Labs’ GDPR solution, in collaboration with trust-hub and 8works. The proposition aims to help take away the pain of GPDR changes and will provide a senior managers’ report that breaks down the risks and opportunities they need to act on before May 2018.