Adam Greco’s Adobe SiteCatalyst “Top Gun” Training

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Adobe SiteCatalyst “Top Gun” Training

Adobe SiteCatalyst, while being an extremely powerful web analytics tool, can be challenging to master.  It is not uncommon for organizations using SiteCatalyst to only take advantage of 30%-40% of its functionality.  Some organisations keen to get the most out of their investment in Adobe SiteCatalyst, attended our recent “Top Gun” training class.  Unlike other training classes that cover the basics about how to configure Adobe SiteCatalyst, this one-day advanced class dug deeper into features that users already knew and covered many features that they had not used.


Over the past ten years, Adam Greco (“Omni-Man”) has worked on more SiteCatalyst implementations than almost anyone else and helped clients push SiteCatalyst to its limits.  In his “Top Gun” class, Mr. Greco shared tips, tricks and real-world examples of how users can apply SiteCatalyst to their organizations in new and creative ways. Several SiteCatalyst users who attended already read his blog and were delighted to learn more about SiteCatalyst from the “Omni-Man” himself.


Sample Class Topics Covered

The following is a list of the topics that were covered in the “Top Gun” SiteCatalyst training class:

  • Advanced review of Success Events, eVars and sProps
    • Advanced Success Event usage including Incrementer Events, Event Serialization, Event Allocation & Participation, etc…
    • Advanced eVar usage including Product Merchandising, Counter eVars, Instances, List eVars, etc…
    • Advanced sProp usage including correlations and Participation
  • Advanced usage of SiteCatalyst Classifications
  • Advanced usage of Pathing
    • Page Type Pathing, KPI Pathing, Search Term Pathing, File Download Pathing, etc…
  • Advanced Shopping Cart Tracking
    • Potential Revenue, Revenue/Orders to Date, Product Pages, Product cross-sell, etc…
  • Advanced Campaign Tracking
    • Unified Sources, Channel Bounce Rates, etc…
  • Advanced Visitor Segmentation Techniques
  • Advanced Onsite Promotion Tracking
  • Advanced Onsite Search & Navigation Tracking
  • Advanced Form Tracking
    • Form Completion Rate, Form Identification, Form Errors, etc…
  • Differences between Conversion Funnels and Fall-out reports
  • Multi-suite tagging vs. v15 Segmentation
  • Using Popular SiteCatalyst plug-ins
  • Extending SiteCatalyst data
    • Data Sources
    • Transaction ID
      • Product Returns, Recurring Revenue, etc…
    • Integrating SiteCatalyst with other Products
      • E-mail, Voice of Customer, CRM, etc…


About Adam Greco

Adam Greco is a longstanding member of the web analytics community who has consulted with hundreds of clients across every industry vertical. As one of the founders of the Omniture Consulting group, Mr. Greco managed accounts large and small and helped clients maximize their use of Omniture technologies. In addition, Mr. Greco was the author of the popular “Inside SiteCatalyst” blog that taught SiteCatalyst customers how to apply SiteCatalyst at their organizations.  After Omniture, Mr. Greco held the position of Director of Web Analytics at Salesforce.com where he helped re-build the entire web analytics function, turning it into a world-class program. During this time, Mr. Greco continued sharing his web analytics expertise though his popular “Omni Man” blog and co-founded the award-winning Beyond Web Analytics podcast.  In October 2012, Mr. Greco released the first-ever published book on Adobe SiteCatalyst entitled The Adobe SiteCatalyst Handbook: An Insider’s Guide.