Senior Technical Analyst – Hong Kong

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We are looking for a full-time, permanent Senior Technical Analyst to join our growing team.

You will be responsible for: 

  • Implementing web analytics platforms like Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics
  • Using Tag Management Systems, such as Adobe Launch, GTM and Tealium
  • and designing data layers
  • Learning how to implement top-end web analytics platforms
  • Measuring/optimising online acquisition and conversion

The role is based in Hong Kong.

Typical daily activity 

  • Auditing client’s sites for tags, and producing a gap analysis 
  • Helping create business solution designs for analytics implementation, both for website and mobile app 
  • Help implementing new web analytics solutions, typically Adobe Analytics or Google Analytics, including: 
  • Writing tagging guides  
  • Delivering tags through a Tag Management System 
  • Designing and delivering data layers 
  • Setting up profiles and custom reports 

This is a client-facing role and you will be working on billable tasks.


  • Roadmap creation & user behaviour analysis 
  • Test design and specification
  • Test development (WYSIWYG editors, HTML/CSS/JS)
  • Technical support for client’s dev teams, where appropriate
  • Test analysis, reporting & reviewing financial impact
  • Regular catchups with clients
  • Communicating new tagging requirements for upcoming tests
  • Creating actionable concepts for optimisation form insights
  • Attribution modelling, implementation audits and email personalisation 
  • Recommending additional optimisation activities 
  • Connecting other data sources with web analytics data e.g. using DMPs

Personal development 

We encourage staff to work on projects that stretch their capabilities and attend training courses that accelerate their skills growth. Mezzo Labs sees itself as a talent incubator – we hire exceptional people and help them to grow their talents. You will define your own development path and work with your manager to grow and move up through the company. How quickly you do that is up to you. Our job is to support you on that journey. 


You will need: 

  • 3 years + experience of implementing and configuring web analytics technologies 
  • Understanding of JavaScript 
  • A good understanding of technology, with a desire to learn more and try new tools 

Preferably, you should have: 

  • A bachelor’s degree 
  • Sociability – be a generous and likeable team member 
  • Curiosity – be energetic, positive, enthusiastic, with an enquiring mind  


For more information, or to apply for this role, please contact us