Use Case: Monthly insight service

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The challenge 

Your company needs data to drive the planning, development and delivery of its marketing. 

Having a concise, relevant and accurate report is important, but only a hygiene factor.  

Really, you need insights, issues and opportunities highlighted in a timely manner, so you can quickly act on them.  

You need experts to go further than reports, diving into the data, investigating areas of interest and providing evidence-based recommendations. 

Unfortunately, you don’t have the skills or resource to do it. 


What is the ideal solution? 

Ideally, you would review one report every month based on your KPIs, that demonstrate end-to-end performance for all your marketing channels explaining changes in conversion rates, average order value and cost per sale.  

The report should be easily digestible, with commentary describing performance changes, insights and recommendations for further analysis. 

You would like some experts to deep-dive into the data and provide opportunities to improve your marketing activities – or to correct problems! 

The actions for the rest of the team would be clearly identified. 


How will Mezzo Labs help? 

Mezzo Labs offers a monthly insight support service to its clients. Working in partnership with clients, Mezzo Labs will develop and distribute monthly performance reports based on KPIs.

We aim to automate the data collection and descriptive commentary in reports as far as possible.

The real value in the relationship is using Mezzo Labs’ business expertise and analysis skills to identify and investigate performance changes, behavioural changes or to perform longer-term research into areas of interest.

We will make marketing activity recommendations, suggest tests and/or technology and process improvements to accelerate your marketing’s optimisation. 


What is the business benefit? 

The monthly insight service handles frees up your team’s time and finds actionable insights that they don’t have the specialist analytical skills to find.

Every month, you will receive a marketing performance report, with automated data reporting and commentary. 

Mezzo Labs will have scoured the data within and sitting behind the report for significant business changes. 

Our service will save you time and money by quickly highlighting problems and probably causes, so they can be rectified. 

We will make powerful, pragmatic recommendations for improving your marketing performance and drive a positive return on your investment.