Getting to Grips with … Attribution Modelling

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On the 22nd May 2018, we hosted the latest in our Getting to Grips series of events; this time our focus was on Attribution Modelling, and the audience of digital practitioners enjoyed a series of presentations which provided an overview of the principles and applications of Attribution Modelling.


Speakers & Presentations

Peter Prince, Director, Cognatics

Peter spoke about how Blockchain (and other platforms) can provide a mechanism to test attribution model concepts against accurate, curated, personal content published via individuals….


Dimitris Parapadakis, Principal Lecturer, University of Westminster

Dimitris showed us how machine learning and AI could help solve the perennial issue that has puzzled society for many years:  how do we create the perfect sandwich combination?  His light-hearted example shone a bright light on some of the pros and cons to AI, and gave ‘food for thought’ on how we can best use it to improve our attribution modelling in future.



Nic Pietersma, Business Director, Ebiquity

Nic gave us the benefit of his experience to distil out some Commercial Do’s and Don’ts; if we took nothing else from the day, he gave us some clues to how to avoid common mistakes and make our marketing campaigns more effective from the get-go.



Russell McAthy, CEO, CUBED

Russell argued for the need to shift focus away from the minority of traffic that converts, and instead look harder at the activities which at first glance appear not to have contributed to the purchase path….