Strictly Data March 2018

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On March 19th, 2018, we hosted our first Strictly Data event at our Old Street offices.

The idea is simple:  we invite 5 tech vendors to showcase their product to an invited audience and a panel of 5 tech-savvy heads of digital – ‘The Judges’.

The Judges:

  • James Birchall – Digital Analytics Manager – Santander
  • Julian Brewer – Head of Digital Marketing – Schroders
  • Mona Steininger – Head of Digital – Octopus Group
  • Rob McLaughlin – Head of Digital Analytics – Sky
  • Tim Hatton – Squad Lead – AND Digital

The Tech Vendors:

The vendor’s pitch involved a summary of their product and the problem it solved.

The judging panel then gave feedback and the audience had the chance to vote on an app for their overall rating out of 5 stars.

At the end of everyone’s pitch, the panel gave their ‘Judges Highlights’ for each vendor which is summarised below.

Finally, the audience vote was calculated and Go Squared were crowned the Strictly Data March 2018 winners!

The judges feedback from the evening:

Amigo Technology

The judges liked the fact the tool empowered marketers to make changes quickly.
The judges noted that although short-term progress was positive they worried about the vendor’s ability to tackle long-term larger issues.
The judges noted that the presentation ran shorter than everyone else’s.


The judges were impressed with the articulation of the presentation and the technical knowledge. They liked the refreshingly open way attribution modelling was discussed noting that attribution modelling is a noisy space and brands would appreciate this level of transparency.
The judges noted they would like to see some examples of ‘big success stories’ and what companies have been using their services for.


The judges really enjoyed the presentation and found the concept interesting noting they saw it as a tool ‘you could pop on and just get on with’. The judges liked the workflow and decision engineering aspects of the tool. The judges liked the flexibility of the tool noting the decision between human or bot interaction depending on the customers’ needs was helpful.
The judges noted that the presentation was given with great enthusiasm.


The judges liked the concept of storing lots of data but struggled with the idea that pockets of people could use it in a questionable nature. The judges liked that the platform offered the chance for analysts who are not necessarily data scientists to get involved in an area which used to be only available to data scientists.


The judges found the tool interesting noting that it stood out from other competitors due to its elemental level feedback. They liked that the presentation showcased client success in action.
They noted that the tool seemed more useful for the client than the average feedback tools you encounter whilst browsing.

(L to R:  Ashley Gibbons (Syntasa), Jarvey Moss (Amigo Technology), James Gill (GoSquared), Russell McAthy (CUBED).

After the success of the first Strictly Data, our next event will be held on Monday 25th June.