Strictly Data June 2018

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Following on from the success of our inaugural event, we hosted Strictly Data 2 at our Old Street offices on Monday night.

Retaining the idea of the original event, we invited 5 tech vendors to spend 5 minutes showcasing their product to an invited audience and a panel of tech-savvy heads of digital – ‘The Judges’.


The Judges:

The vendor’s pitch involved a summary of their product and the problem it solved.

The Tech Vendors

The judging panel then gave feedback on the proposal, and at the end of everyone’s pitch, the panel gave their ‘Judges Highlights’ for each vendor (summarised below).

Finally, a vote was taken amongst judges and audience to decide the winner and Chattermill were crowned the Strictly Data June 2018 winners!

Mezzo Labs CEO Adrian Kingwell congratulating the winning presenter, Dmitry Isupov, CEO Chattermill.


The judges feedback from the evening:

Uplifter@Mezzo Labs

The judges liked the product, noting it simplified the automation of common problems. They also recognized that the tool was highly technical and therefore the presentation would benefit from some practical examples. It was also noted that whilst the presentation highlighted some issues clients might have, a description of the solutions offered would be useful. 


The judges liked the product but noted the presentation should be more concise. They thought the tool was heavy duty with lots of capability but were concerned how budget restrictions would affect potential gains.


The judges really enjoyed the presentation style and liked the story told surrounding the product. The judges liked the ability of the application to integrate voice data with other kinds and noted this made the product unique.


The judges liked the structured presentation and could clearly see the application of the product. They would have liked to see more visuals of the product and especially noted it would be good to see the application of the product to more traditional segments.


The judges thought the demo in the presentation worked well and noted the tool was an interesting way of converting mass amounts of data into simple intuitive interfaces.

The judges expressed their excitement about using it on pure data, citing multiple potential uses. They thought the limitation around images seemed narrow but highlighted there was tremendous potential for the company to broaden its story. 

L to R (facing the camera):  Adrian Kingwell (Mezzo Labs), Alex Holman-Butt (Uplifter@Mezzo Labs), Oli Hunt (Wizaly), Rich Wilson (Relative.ai), Dmitry Isupov (Chattermill), and Samuel Conway (Zegami).

Our next Strictly Data will be held on Wednesday 5th September 2018.
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