Uplifter goes to Lisbon Web Summit

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 Alex Holman-Butt talks about his experience at the Lisbon Web Summit as well as the future of Uplifter, the AI-driven insights tool for Google Analytics.


1. Hello Alex. You recently attended the Lisbon Web Summit, an event which has been described as the world’s best tech conference. Any start-ups or new ideas that caught your attention?

There were three start-ups that really caught my attention. The first one was JHAIHO, a tattoo marketplace, that employs AI solutions to match tattoo enthusiasts with the artist that suits them best. The second one was GoXTrip, a social network for solo travellers, and the third one is Tomkart, a gamechanger in the rental go karting business. It combines high-end go karting with timing and management software, along with business intelligence. It is becoming increasingly obvious, with the examples above that AI machine-learning is penetrating more businesses than ever, in both B2B AND B2C levels.

2. What theme in your opinion dominated the Web summit?

Most of the speakers talked about the importance of  ‘doing the right thing’ and encouraging ethical content online, in order to achieve the desirable outcomes. Sustainability was undoubtedly another predominant theme of the Web Summit. A lot of focus was given on the equal responsibility that both the citizens and the government share for making positive changes on the planet.

3. Web Summit runs a fantastic mentoring programme for start-ups. What was the best advice you received at the Web summit?

‘Follow your niche’. With the creation of products and services that target niche audiences, you can catch and covert them faster, through digital solutions. Our mentor Keaton Keller, the face behind the Techsmartt YouTube channel, advised us not to just target users based on broad categories; but small audiences with specific interests. Another piece of key advice was to ‘Grow slowly’; build your team with the right hiring practices and wait for the right investors who will understand your vision.

4. What was the response to Uplifter?

We were a bit overwhelmed… Our product is based on Google Analytics, and we were one of the few teams linking to a specific tool that everyone knew and used. A real mix of people came over, including a lot of agencies that manage multiple websites, without enough time to provide quality web analytic services. We met with numerous e-commerce platforms such as Lego, Hotel Nerds and Nespresso, that were mainly interested in automated alerting systems and recommendations, along with many investors who were interested in a product that uses a Google platform. Having Google Analytics as the core of our product stimulated a great interest, since it is a tool known by everyone knows but used effectively by only a few.

5. What is next for Uplifter?

We are now in Beta. At the moment, we are testing our product with different users and getting them as involved as we can in order to improve the tool through their feedback. The tool has 4 modules (Audit, Track, Report, Explain) which automates web analytics tasks to save time and money. We aim to find out which module the users want and the features they prefer in order to make the tool as useful as possible. We want to get the product out there and improve it between now and the beginning of next year.

Find out more about Uplifter: https://www.uplifter.ai/