Mezzo Lab’s Graduate Trainee Programme

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Who is more suitable to answer your questions about the Mezzo Labs’ Graduate Programme than our Graduate Analysts Gaia Antonaci and Ibrahim Lawal?  They share what made them choose our programme, a typical day at Mezzo Labs and how the team’s values helped them grow on a personal and a professional level.


 What was the reason that you chose the Mezzo Labs’ Graduate Program amongst other internship programmes that are available in the UK?

Gaia: The reasons that made me choose Mezzo Labs amongst other graduate schemes vary; the growth opportunities both on a professional as well as on a personal level was something that instantly drew my attention to this graduate programme. Responsibility and Trust are a pivotal part of the company’s ethos and this is something that makes you grow enormously, especially if it’s your first work experience. Moreover, the culture of Mezzo Labs and the strong importance given to all of the company’s values pushed me to apply for this job.


What experience did you have before joining the Graduate program and which of your skills have helped you to become part of the Mezzo Labs team?

Ibrahim: I first came in contact with the world of data and analytics while working in civil services. This experience contributed to my understanding of GDPR and the handling of sensitive information, which are valuable for my current position at Mezzo Labs.


What’s the most valuable thing you have learnt in your first six months?

Gaia: I think that the most valuable thing that I’ve learnt is that your own success is the company’s success (and vice versa).


Can you describe a typical day at Mezzo Labs?

Ibrahim: My day usually begins with checking emails from clients, checking the data from projects I’m working on and looking for discrepancies. Essentially, being curious and relaying this curiosity back to clients in the form of a report with a clear explanation and visualisation of the data.


Mezzo Labs’ values include Generosity, Drive, Spark and Empathy. How do you feel these values are manifested? 

Gaia: Generosity is very broadly demonstrated. From simply sharing experiences, knowledge, food and feelings to offering help and sacrificing time when someone needs further support.  I think that Drive is a result of the trust that everyone at Mezzo Labs gives you, which encourages you to share ideas, and be proactive.

Ibrahim: Spark and Empathy are values that can be summed up best as understanding, rapport and enthusiasm. At Mezzo Labs, there is a general understanding and rapport of/with clients because of how much effort we put into understanding each other.