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Adobe’s latest acquisitions and improvements now enable hyper-personalised customer experiences. Andy Chang, Head of Business Development at Mezzo Labs, attended Adobe Summit 2019, where he learned the latest enhancements to the Adobe Experience Cloud. Here he shares his thoughts on these changes.

The 2019 Adobe Summit in London’s docklands focused on one key theme this year: how companies can transform their business through improved Customer Experience Management (CXM). This was echoed throughout the Summit via keynotes and breakout sessions. These demonstrated how each of the different Adobe Experience Cloud tools worked both independently and together using customer data to enhance the experience.       

Adobe Experience Cloud’s new capabilities

It came as no surprise that Adobe has invested heavily in its Experience Cloud offering. Now all digital markets products sit under Adobe Experience Cloud. Under Adobe Experience Cloud are four other clouds: Advertising Cloud, Analytics Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Commerce Cloud. Lots of clouds. All these connect to Adobe Experience Platform – a unifying data model and database that allows Adobe Sensei to work its magic.

Other key announcements included the integration of their high-profile acquisitions Marketo (marketing automation software) and Magento (e-commerce platform), as well as restructuring their existing solutions.

More information was also shared about Adobe’s strategic partnerships with Microsoft, SAP, ServiceNow and Software AG, which will enable greater and easier data sharing between these leading service providers.

These developments move Adobe ever closer to creating a full technology stack, giving companies a near complete view of their customers. This can be used to power a market leading customer experience.

Adobe experience cloud

Unilever’s CTO, Jane Moran, spoke highly of the Adobe Experience Cloud’s ability to “unlock this concept of data-driven marketing and…[power] personalised content for consumers”.

Interestingly, Unilever hasn’t invested in all the solutions but has cherry-picked Adobe Analytics, Adobe Audience Manager, Adobe Campaign, Adobe Target and Adobe Experience Manager to drive their customer experience. Although this is partly because Unilever offers a predominantly brand and content, rather than sales led experience online.

Adobe Experience Platform underpins Adobe Sensei

Adobe Experience Platform identifies the actionable insights and relevant data to send to different channels by way of an Experience Data Model (XDM) and an AI tool, Adobe Sensei.  

The XDM unifies both Adobe and external data sets ready for Adobe Sensei to identify customer segments, opportunities and the optimal channel to deliver a promotion through. Adobe Experience Platform then sends the data to the relevant Adobe product for a promotion, maybe an email, display ad or onsite content change.

Marketo powers Adobe Marketing Cloud

Incorporating Marketo’s marketing automation software within the Adobe Marketing Cloud should improve Adobe’s ability to manage multi-channel lead generation for both B2B and B2C. The promise is it will help close the gap between Marketing and Sales by incorporating CRM integrations with Account Based Marketing to deliver personalised messaging and content across every channel.     

Magento drives Adobe Commerce Cloud

The inclusion of Magento’s e-commerce software provides the missing link in the Experience Cloud’s offering. Adobe now offers it’s own Commerce capability within the newly formed Adobe Commerce Cloud. It will provide additional capabilities across marketing, SEO and catalogue management tools to control the look, content and functionality of e-commerce websites. The driver here is to not only create an experience led shopping journey but one where behavioural data is understood and used to optimise every element of it.

Adobe says their engineers have been working extremely hard to get the integrations for both Marketo and Magento up and running to make them a seamless part of Experience Cloud. Time will very quickly tell how effective this has been in terms of data integration and real-time data sharing. 

A holistic solution?

Adobe’s vision of providing a technology stack to drive best-in-class customer experience is ambitious. There are no other players out there that can claim such a complete end-to-end platform. 

However, many of us also know that with a quick look under the covers, things are not as simple as they seem. There will be many scenarios where integrations and data flows are not as easy as initially thought, and there is a risk that businesses could end up with botched implementations without careful planning.

With data coming from multiple sources, it is increasingly complex to collect, transform and send data to a specific channel or location. If implemented correctly, Adobe Experience Platform could be a real game changer in this space. However, even with XDM, it is worth exercising caution, and rather than trying to integrate all data at once, we recommended looking at the individual datasets and merging them one at a time. This allows for a more manageable approach and greater ability for effective QA to take place to ensure the data is working accurately together.

Once integrated, it’s also vital to ensure the data is complete, consistent and up to date. Processes need to be put in place to check the data being received is accurate, and the quality is maintained throughout the process.

Want to learn more?

Mezzo Labs’ Consulting Services can help you identify the right solutions in the Adobe Experience Cloud that will make a material difference to your business. Our Adobe Certified, Technical, Insight and Optimisation teams have the expertise to overcome any data integration or configuration challenges. We provide key actionable insights that ultimately result in the activation of this data to provide the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

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