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Google recently announced new updates to its analytics platform. Our Technical Analyst, Sarika Patel, explores their function and how valuable they are. If terms such as “Search bar” and “Cross-device conversion” leave you feeling confused, read on.

Search bar

What is it

You can now use Google Analytics’ (GA) new search bar feature to search for anything about your site’s traffic, within the tool. From finding reports and providing help content, to answering questions about data, Google Analytics’ new search feature has it covered.

Why should you use it?

Typing a keyword in the search box brings up a range of suggestions relating to reports and insights. If you are unsure what you are looking for, this feature is an excellent way to explore data in Google Analytics.

The “What questions can I ask?” section is another useful addition. From basic performance to understanding user behaviour, Google suggests a range of questions allowing you to gain a better understanding of your data. It might also provide insight into areas you hadn’t previously considered, enhancing your analytics knowledge.

These insights can be viewed in report form where follow-up questions allow you to deep-dive into the data.

By simply clicking in the search box, “Recently opened reports” and “Previous searches made” will also be available, allowing you to either pick up where you left off or begin a new search.

Cross-device conversion Export to Google Ads

Cross-device conversion occurs when you click on an advert on one device and complete the journey on another, for example, a mobile phone to a desktop. Google Analytics creates separate models for goal completions and e-commerce transactions from users that have turned on “Ads Personalisation” through their Google accounts. Using the data collected, Google Analytics exports the modelled cross-device conversions along with the same-device conversions to Google Ads, where the information can be used for bidding.

How does it help you?

The more you understand cross-device behaviour, the more valuable the data becomes. This feature gives you the ability to have a clear view of the impact your advertising strategy has over your objectives and as a result adjust your campaign accordingly to improve it. For example, if the data shows a higher conversion from Mobile to Desktop, then you can place more funnel ads and increase bids in the right channel.

For further information

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