Building Authority in Marketing and Proving Value with Data

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On Friday 19th October, senior marketing representatives from the world’s biggest Asset Management institutions gathered at the Shangri-La at the Shard, to discover how to build a data-driven culture and prove value from marketing.

Our top minds from Mezzo Labs were joined by leading global marketing experts to share their knowledge on insight, data, analytics, attribution and automation.  

Tapping into the hottest trends in analytics

After a catch-up over croissants, our CEO Adrian Kingwell kicked off the event with a fascinating overview of the hottest trends in analytics: Data-driven Decision-making, Account-based Marketing and Digital Intelligence Platforms.

Adopted by the digital pioneers in Asset Management, these three practices help to

  1. Prove and improve marketing value.
  2. Use data to connect the dots of consumer behaviour.
  3. Glean commercially significant insight from your Google Analytics.

All essential if you want to avoid being assigned to the Blockbuster bin of extinct brands.


Understanding the customer journey

Emily Askham, Global Head of Retail and Wholesale Marketing at AXA, then took to the floor to discuss the changing landscape of Asset Management and the growing customer demand for a more personalised marketing approach.

Responsible for helping AXA Investment Managers develop a culture of data-based decision-making, Emily suggests the secret is to make the whole organization ‘customer-focused’, rather than just the digital journey.

She discussed the importance of making an honest assessment of your end-to-end customer experience and ensuring your infrastructure supports it. Then, using metrics and data to add value at every touchpoint.


Developing a marketing attribution strategy

Next up, our Head of Strategic Analytics and Conversion, Aliur Rahman, helped to demystify Marketing Attribution. Essentially, attribution is the relationship between the channels that drive conversion and user interactions.

But it’s not as simplistic as it first seems. There are business and technical challenges to consider, B2B buyers with complex purchasing patterns, ever-increasing steps to the point of purchase, and a mind-boggling array of Martech solutions. 

The best way to implement an attribution strategy, is to start with one of the more straight forward models, before progressing to a customized model, that takes into account your personally defined metrics to reflect how your customers really behave.


Benchmarking your marketing performance

Finally, Andrew Scott, Managing Director from White Marble Marketing, joined us to talk about monitoring marketing performance through benchmarking.

His consultancy specialises in helping the wealth and management industry measure traffic, engagement, audiences and content to understand how they are performing against their peers across web, email and social.

At the end of the day, you can have all the insights and data in the world, but it’s pointless if you don’t continually monitor and refine your messages.


We hope everyone who attended learned a few techniques to improve their marketing performance. If you couldn’t attend, and would like any further details on any of the topics discussed, please do get in touch.