Analysis & Insight


Discover new insights, identify best practice and produce hypotheses for testing

Our highly experienced insight team will help you compare the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, understand what customers are doing on your site, and attribute true value to each of your marketing channels.

We will help you find out where the problems are on your website and list the quick wins in order of business priority to help you improve digital performance.

Dashboards and data visualisation

The first stage in making data-driven decisions is to produce an automated dashboard containing only your essential KPIs to help you track performance against targets over time.

Our KPI Workshop will help you identify the metrics that need to be tracked, and the tag implementation process will ensure the data is being captured by your web analytics platform. You may also need data from other sources: adservers, social media and email marketing, for example.

Once we have collected the data from all sources, we may need to blend it using tools such as Supermetrics, Datashaker, Talend and Alteryx, ready to be displayed.

We can create the dashboard in Microsoft Excel, in a data visualisation tool like Tableau or Power BI or dashboarding tools like Domo, Klipfolio or Qlikview.

Funnel reports

At its most simplistic, all channel marketing takes people from point of acquisition, through a website to a point of conversion. In real life, customers rarely move in the straight lines that we want them to, but a funnel report is still the easiest way to explain how each step of the process is contributing to conversion.

Once we have identified the main steps in the funnel and used campaign tracking to identify the acquisition channel that produced each visitor, we can produce a series of funnel reports that show the conversion journey taken for each product, and for each channel and sub-channel.

The funnel report is an essential tool in the digital marketers dashboard as it shows whether efforts in Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) are having an impact on sales.

Campaign tracking

Marketing campaigns are often launched with little thought about how to measure success.

We’ll ensure all your campaigns are fully tracked from first point of contact with the user, through micro-conversions, to final point of conversion. We apply a rigid campaign code generation process to all marketing activity to ensure that banner ads, Adwords, email marketing campaigns and affiliate promotions all get correctly tracked.

You’ll get detailed a dashboard that will allow you to see how each campaign is performing on a daily basis, and at then end of the campaign, compare success and document insight.

Attribution modelling

Each ad has some effect on the sales process, even if the customer hasn’t clicked on it.

Attribution modelling helps you work out which ads make a contribution – and which don’t – and find the optimum balance between media channels.

We will work with you, your media agency and your digital tools to merge web traffic data with ad serving data (such as DoubleClick or Atlas) to produce an attribution model that works for you.

Social media analytics

Measuring the value of social media is not a new challenge.

Most tools track the quantitative measures (likes, follows, retweets) and some even track the qualitative measures (sentiment, positivity), but few can track the effect of social media on onsite performance. Tools like Radian6, Sysemos and Mediawatch are all great but need to be used in conjunction with a web analytics platform like Google Analytics to give the full picture.

We make the connection between those two worlds, ensuring social campaigns are tracking properly and that any halo effect of social media can be clearly identified.

Insight analysis

Measuring the operation performance is essential to running an efficient marketing machine, but the gold nuggets of insight come from focused study of the data.

Our insight analysts will segment the data to identify the cohorts of customers that you have to sell to, and those that you should not. Somewhere in your data will be a subset of customers that present you with a great targeting opportunity – cohort analysis and regression modelling will work out who these people are and hopefully why they want to buy from you.

We may also find parts of the customer journey that are broken. Parts that could be worth testing an improvement.

Our insight analysis report gives you a list of insights, hypotheses (for testing), and customer segments worth targeting, prioritised by business impact, with 5 quick wins.

Click-mapping and session recording

Sometimes, you need to know exactly what is not working within a page. Traditional web analytics tools are not good at identifying which field on a form is not working or whether a set of terms is actually being read.

For these requirements we would suggest using a UX analytics tool, like Content Square, Sessioncam or Hotjar. We can implement the tool on your website and within a short time give you heatmap reports of your web forms and shopping baskets.

These tools can also replay those sessions that were causing problems – and some of them can even (with the help of a data layer) attribute sales value and acquisition cost to each asset on the page.

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Analytics Consulting

Mezzo Labs’ Analytics Consulting services help you define and measure success in the digital channel. We offer services to help you use web analytics to transform the performance of your digital team with data-driven marketing.

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Analytics Implementation

We provide analytics support for a wide number of web analytics solutions, including Google Analytics, Webtrends Infinity Analytics and Adobe Analytics to name a few. We can create the tags, set up reports, clean up profiles and provide end-user help.

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Optimisation & Personalisation

Make the traffic on your site work harder. We’ll help you use insights to generate hypotheses and run controlled experiments to make fact-based decisions. We’ll advise you on how to offer personalised web experiences.

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