Analytics and Optimisation Consulting


Define what you are going to measure, how you are going to measure it and how you are going to optimise it.

Mezzo Labs consultants will help you use data to transform the performance of your digital team.

Analytics data architecture

Five years ago, the data from each marketing system sat within its own silo and rarely moved beyond it. Nowadays, systems need to work together, using a common data architecture.

We will design that architecture for you: choosing the right platforms, naming all the data elements, understanding how the data will be captured and exposed to multiple systems.

The result is that tags and APIs and data layers will move campaign codes, customer IDs and values will be moved and shared to create a single point of truth or single customer view across all your digital domains.

KPI definition

Based on your business and digital objectives, we will run workshops to identify the key performance indicators and operational metrics that will form the basis of your dashboards.

Once we have agreed your objectives and KPIs, we can design and build your web analytics solution – what tags need to go where, what custom variables and values need to be captured, where your goals and events are on your site.

Training and coaching

Once your web analytics platform is live and collecting data, your staff will need training on how to use it to make data-driven decisions.

We deliver hands-on classroom-based training on Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Python, Tableau and more either at your offices or at ours in London.

After the course, we provide follow up support and 1-on-1 coaching.

Through this programme, your staff will gain a solid understanding of web analytics and the practical experience of creating reports and deploying tags.

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Our services

Analytics Implementation

We provide analytics support for a wide number of web analytics solutions, including Google Analytics, Webtrends Infinity Analytics and Adobe Analytics to name a few. We can create the tags, set up reports, clean up profiles and provide end-user help.

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Analysis & Insight

We deliver reports on campaigns, insight dashboards and produce data-based plans and help with attribution modelling. The right marketing analytics reports to your digital team, helping them make better marketing decisions.

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Optimisation & Personalisation

Make the traffic on your site work harder. We’ll help you use insights to generate hypotheses and run controlled experiments to make fact-based decisions. We’ll advise you on how to offer personalised web experiences.

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