Attribution Modelling


Why you need an attribution model

With the complexity of multi touch-points contributing to conversion, Omni-channel customers, and big data solutions, do you have trouble determining the effectiveness of your marketing? What is the contribution of each marketing channel to the conversion? Are you getting the maximum value from every marketing dollar you spend?

Attribution models help determine this, but there is no silver-bullet model out there. Each has their own shortcomings. So which one do you choose? Often, the solution lies in a custom model that is specific to your business.

What we deliver

Mezzo Labs can help advise and implement the right attribution model for your business.

We can review and refine your existing attribution model and assess its effectiveness. Or we can help you set one up through an algorithm-based machine learning system.

Get in touch to find out how we can help with your attribution modelling and ensure you’re optimising your marketing spend. Contact us