Digital Analytics Strategy


The world of analytics and marketing automation is becoming increasingly complex. Our consulting services help you to see the way forward, to transform your team into digital marketers of the future.

Why you need a vision, strategy and roadmap

Data that used to sit in silos is now becoming connected, one system updating another and people and systems making complex decisions about how to market to individuals.

While technology moves forward, our marketing teams are increasingly left behind, with outdated processes and insufficient skills to become the platform marketers that we need.

What experience are we trying to create for our customers? How should we use our data and technology to maximum effect? How will the technology work together? How will my team work together?

While we are busy implementing new technology, building new websites and delivering the latest campaigns, there is an increasing fear that we are not moving forward. Are we doing the right things? Are we being left behind?

What we deliver

After interviewing stakeholders and workshopping various ideas, our outputs will be:

  • Vision. A clear articulation of where you are trying to get to, the customer experience of the future and how it will give you competitive advantage.
  • Strategy. A focus on the important stuff, a measure of value (as opposed to cost) and a mantra for keeping the team together.
  • Roadmap. A simple guide to the important things that we have to deliver, the major milestones that will give the greatest impact for the least cost, who will be responsible and by when

As part of this we will consider:

  • Customer experience
  • Technology
  • Resources, skills and training
  • Data control and ownership 
  • Compliance and governance
  • Privacy by design and GDPR 
  • Business case and budgets

Our consultants can help you to define or refine your digital analytics strategy and as a result, steer you towards greater business growth.

To see how your organisation currently stacks up, and where your weak points might be, try our Digital Analytics Evaluator


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