KPI Workshops


Without a well-defined set of KPIs, data-driven decision-making is a distant dream. Our KPI Workshops define the metrics for web analytics, aligning your stakeholders and helping you achieve your business objectives.

Why you need a KPI definition workshop

Since the free version of Google Analytics first appeared about ten years ago, there’s been no excuse for not measuring your website. KPIs were typically things easily found in GA: visitors to the website, number of conversions, conversion rates.

But things are more complex now. There is confusion about what a KPI is. There are too many of them. Lists of KPIs have grown longer, more complicated, and, maybe, less meaningful.

Without KPI definition, it is hard to set up your web analytics platform correctly, to know what onsite events you need to track, what variables need to be captured, what periods of time need tracking. It is also almost impossible to define what needs to appear in a dashboard. And it is very hard to decide what marketing changes will truly impact business performance.

In a half-day KPI Workshop, we will define the right digital KPIs for your business. By guiding you through our well-structured process, you will have a set of KPIs and operational metrics, that will help you measure success. 

What we deliver

KPI Matrix

The half-day workshop will identify your business and digital objectives, your strategies for achieving them, the key results you expect, and the Key Performance Indicators that will measure progress towards these outcomes.  

This KPI Matrix will capture the KPIs that each stakeholder needs to run their part of the digital business effectively, along with operational metrics that will help them get to the route cause of performance issues.

Requirements for tagging 

The KPI matrix will also define the custom variables that  need to be captured by the tagging. After a technical requirements workshop, you will have a clear idea of how best to capture these variables – something later captured in our tagging guide.

Requirements for reporting

Before we can design your dashboards and reports, we need to know what data needs to be visualised. The KPI matrix identifies what needs to be shown on each dashboard – making the design process much more straight forward. 

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