Analytics Set-up and Support


Tag management, profile and report set-up and systems integration for web analytics and data management platforms.

We can create the tags, set up reports, clean up profiles and provide end-user help for Google Analytics, Webtrends Infinity Analytics and Adobe Analytics.

We also set up data management platforms like Oracle’s BlueKai DMP and use tools like Supermetrics, Alteryx and Talend to blend and merge data into SQL and Hadoop.

Our services break down into a number of different workstreams:

Tag audit

With the output of the KPI workshop, we can audit your site to make sure the right tags are in place to capture the data you need.

We use ObservePoint to crawl the site and identify problems on each page. The result is a gap analysis, indicating where tags are missing, broken or need to be put in place. More on Tag audit

Tag implementation

We can write a tagging guide for your web analytics solution – Google Analytics, Webtrends Infinity Analytics or Adobe Analytics (formerly Omniture SiteCatalyst). This guide defines all the tags that need to be placed on each page of your website.

We will then deploy them either through your development team or through a tag management system (TMS) such as Google Tag Manager (GTM), Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager (DTM), Ensighten or Tealium IQ.

We can also design a data layer and help your tech team to deploy it through your content management system.

Thanks to our expertise, the tags deployed will be correct and will produce accurate data for you.

Profile and report set up

Once the tags are in place, we will set up profiles and reports in your web analytics tool, based on your business requirements.

We can also create custom dashboards to provide an easier view of performance for the broader management team. With dashboards, all your stakeholders will have access to digital performance data, whenever they want – whether they are logged into your analytics tool or not.

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Analytics Consulting

Mezzo Labs’ analytics consulting services help you define, measure and drive success in digital. We offer services to help you use web analytics to transform the performance of your digital team with data-driven marketing.

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Analysis & Insight

We deliver reports on campaigns, insight dashboards and produce data-based plans and help with attribution modelling. The right marketing analytics reports to your digital team, helping them make better marketing decisions.

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Optimisation & Personalisation

Make the traffic on your site work harder. We’ll help you use insights to generate hypotheses and run controlled experiments to make fact-based decisions. We’ll advise you on how to offer personalised web experiences.

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