Adobe Analytics Implementation and Support


Mezzo Labs offers a range of services for Adobe Analytics (formerly Omniture SiteCatalyst) – from fixing tags to setting up a complete new implementation.


Why choose Adobe Analytics?

  • Unlimited customisation. Adobe Analytics offers unlimited options for tailoring metrics, dimensions, and segment combinations.
  • Mobile analytics. You are now able to measure the effectiveness of your mobile campaigns and how they impact visitors’ engagement.
  • Integrations. Adobe Analytics provides you with an easy solution to integrate data from third-party applications, such as email, search, and ad serving.
  • Advanced reporting capabilities. Through Adobe’s conversion reports, you can now gain insight into your visitors’ purchasing behaviour, loyalty, and profiles on a granular level.


How can we help?

KPI workshops

The first step is to define your KPIs. We’ll help you define your marketing objectives and strategies and agree the best way to measure them. After identifying your KPIs, we can decide what data needs to be captured in Adobe Analytics.

Tag audit

We will use an audit to check all the Adobe Analytics tags on your pages. Tags on forms and in secure areas will require a manual check. This will help us identify where tags are missing, which tags are firing incorrectly, and what eVars, s.props and Events are not being collected.

Our Tag Audit Report will show any gaps, with a list of recommended fixes. 

Tag implementation

We can fix broken tags or insert completely new tags. We can put together a tagging guide, either to be sent to your developers, or we can implement the changes ourselves through a tag management system.

Once the tags are deployed we will test them, before setting up reports and dashboards.


We deliver structured training programmes for corporate clients. We provide hands-on classroom-based Adobe Analytics training for teams, either at your site or at our offices in London.

After the course, we offer follow-up support, discussions and 1-on-1 coaching.

With this programme, you will get a good overview of web analytics and then be able to get what you want from Adobe Analytics.

Insight analysis

Our clients don’t just want data: they want insight and actions.

We will analyse your data and then produce a report of the key findings with recommended actions.

We can also monitor traffic levels and alert you if things are not running smoothly. We will spot any unusual events, and then mine the data to find the cause.

Reports, profiles and dashboards

We set up profiles and reports in Adobe Analytics. We can also develop custom dashboards to help your management team – and stakeholders – get a clearer picture of your website’s performance.

We can use dashboard tools like Tableau, PowerBI and Klipfolio to allow marketing teams to publish performance reports to stakeholders.

Campaign tracking

To get an end-to-end picture of cost per sale, you will need to track the campaign that each visitor responded to. We will set up a system for generating tracking codes that will allow you to segment your funnel reports by campaign.

We can also use tools like Report builder and Data Workbench (Adobe Insight) or data visualisation tools like Tableau to build attribution models.

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