Google Analytics Implementation and Support


We offer a comprehensive support service for your Google Analytics platform, from tag deployment and report set up to ad hoc end-user help.

Google Analytics is the most popular solution in the current web analytics market, mainly because it is free and relatively easy to deploy. However it is a sophisticated tool and marketers who have deployed a simple base tag for quick reports, soon find themselves out of their depth and in need of technical help. Marketers who once liked the relative simplicity of the interface, struggle to find their way through the reports they are now presented with.

How can we help?

KPI workshop

With your marketing objectives in mind, we will work together to identify the KPIs we need to focus on and the best way to measure them. Once we agreed on a list of KPIs, we will decide what data needs to be pulled out of your Google Analytics platform.

Tag audit

We will evaluate your current tag configuration and identify any gaps in your GA tags. This will give us a clear picture of what pages are tagged, what tags are firing correctly, and what data they are collecting.

Our Tag Audit Report includes any gaps in tagging and a list of recommended fixes. 

Tag implementation

Before changing any tags on your pages, we will produce a web analytics solution design tailored to your business requirements. Then, we will either develop a tagging guide so that your developers can implement the tags. Or we can deploy the GA tags ourselves through a tag management system.

When all the tags are implemented, we always test them before setting up reports and dashboards. 


We provide structured training programmes consisting of practical classroom-based exercises and guidance. After the course, we provide follow-up support, discussions and 1-on-1 coaching.

Through our training, your staff will gain a solid understanding of web analytics tools and the ability to execute marketing plans in line with your strategy.

Insight analysis

By continuously monitoring traffic levels, we will ensure that everything runs smoothly. We will be able to spot any unusual events, which we will find the answer to. We will also analyse the data collected and derive insights that will help optimise.

Campaign tracking

We will set up profiles and reports in your web analytics tool that are aligned to your business requirements. We will be then able to measure performance and identify further strategies for optimisation. We will also create dashboards so that your management team – and stakeholders alike – can get a clearer view of the overall performance.

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