Oracle Infinity Implementation and Support


Mezzo Labs supports Oracle Infinity – both On Site and On Demand, from tag remediation to implementing the platform from scratch.


Why choose Oracle Infinity?


  • Data visualisation. Together with a simplified user interface, Webtrends 10 has new data visualisation tools including word clouds, geo-maps and heatmaps.
  • Social measurement. You can now measure your campaigns against your social assets. Using a special Webtrends tag, data can be collected from social conversations.
  • Mobile analytics. Webtrends Mobile Analytics shows you data on app usage. It works on all major mobile platforms including iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry.
  • Integration. Webtrends 10 now integrates with third parties like Salesforce and Microsoft SharePoint via the Webtrends API to import and export data.
  • Webtrends Explore. This ad-hoc query tool mines Webtrends On Demand data. It uses a unique identifier to stitch different sessions together to give a single customer view.


How can we help?

KPI workshop

Together, we will help you define your KPIs by agreeing marketing objectives and strategies and deciding how best to measure them. Once we have defined all your KPIs, we can agree what data needs to be pulled from your Webtrends Infinity analytics platform.

Tag audit

Using the WASP tool, we will track all the tags on your brochureware pages. Forms and other secure pages would need us to manually check their tags. This will capture what pages are tagged, which tags are firing correctly, and what data they are collecting.

Our Tag Audit Report reveals any gaps in tagging, with a list of recommended fixes. More on Tag Audits

Tag implementation

We will gather your business requirements and create a web analytics solution design, before we change any tags on your website. We can either create a tagging guide to be sent to your developers who will implement the tags. Or we can deploy the tags ourselves through a tag management system

Once the tags are deployed we will test them before setting up reports and dashboards.


We will deliver a training course focused on practical, classroom-based exercises. Your staff will receive additional support and 1-on-1 coaching after they complete the training.

Through this programme, your staff will gain a solid understanding of web analytics tools and improve their ability to execute their marketing plans in line with the business strategy.

Insight analysis

We will watch out for any unexpected events in traffic flow and dig out why. For instance, if there is a spike in traffic, we will look into what might have gone wrong – is it user behaviour? Or something wrong with the tags?

Campaign tracking

We will set up tracking of all campaigns to measure performance and help optimise.

Need help with Webrends Infinity Analytics implementation and support? Contact us