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Mezzo Lab’s Graduate Trainee Programme

28 Mar 2019, Posted by Lydia Tagari in Blog

Who is more suitable to answer your questions about the Mezzo Labs’ Graduate Programme than our Graduate Analysts Gaia Antonaci and Ibrahim Lawal?  They share what made them choose our programme, a typical day at Mezzo Labs and how the team’s values helped them grow…

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Investors in People: Health and Wellbeing award

20 Feb 2019, Posted by Lydia Tagari in Blog

We are excited to announce that we have been accreditated with the Health and Wellbeing award, recognising outstanding places to work, strong company culture and the importance of employees’ physical, social and psychological wellbeing. “I want to build the best company anyone has ever worked…

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Meet Tracy Downer

21 Jan 2019, Posted by Lydia Tagari in Blog

We know that digital analytics can be incredibly powerful and insightful, yet sometimes the breadth and depth of data available can prove complex to refine and share internally. One of our goals at Mezzo this year is to work closer with our clients, to understand exactly where the challenges are, and to find new ways to help them solve them. That’s where Tracy, our new Principal Consultant comes in.

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Graduate Trainee Programme – London

11 Jan 2019, Posted by Lydia Tagari in Jobs

We are hiring for our Graduate Trainee Programme.   The programme will begin in September 2019 and last 12 months. At the end of the programme, if you have achieved your targets, there will be an opportunity to get promoted to a fully-fledged Analyst.  What…

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Personalising Customer Experience

07 Jan 2019, Posted by Lydia Tagari in Blog

Mezzo Lab’s Hong Kong Managing Director, Patrick Milburn, discusses the role of personalised customer experience in maximising company revenue.   Why do you think personalisation has become such a huge trend during the last few years? Is it because of factors such as intense competition…

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Uplifter goes to Lisbon Web Summit

20 Nov 2018, Posted by Lydia Tagari in Alex's posts, Blog

 Alex Holman-Butt talks about his experience at the Lisbon Web Summit as well as the future of Uplifter, the AI-driven insights tool for Google Analytics.   1. Hello Alex. You recently attended the Lisbon Web Summit, an event which has been described as the world’s…

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Hong Kong

04 May 2018, Posted by Lydia Tagari in Chris D's posts, Life @ Mezzo Labs

We’re growing! The Mezzo Labs magic is expanding – we’re taking our decade of experience helping some of the biggest brands in the UK get the most out of their data, and using it to open an office in Hong Kong. We’ve had relationships in…

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Use Case: Consolidated marketing dashboards

23 Nov 2017, Posted by Lydia Tagari in Case Study

The challenge  You are in charge of driving sales through online channels, you want to understand which marketing channels are working (and which are not) and whether your websites are successful (or not) at converting visitors into customers.   You can then make smarter investment decisions and ultimately,…

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Use Case: Monthly insight service

23 Nov 2017, Posted by Lydia Tagari in Case Study, Emily's posts

The challenge  Your company needs data to drive the planning, development and delivery of its marketing.  Having a concise, relevant and accurate report is important, but only a hygiene factor.   Really, you need insights, issues and opportunities highlighted in a timely manner, so you can quickly act on them.   You need…

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Use Case: Attribution modelling

23 Nov 2017, Posted by Lydia Tagari in Case Study, Emily's posts

The challenge  As a commercial manager, you need to understand how each channel contributes to the customer journey and its significance at every customer touchpoint.  With this information, you want to have a true view of how channels all work together to drive customers towards conversion.  …

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Adam Greco’s Adobe SiteCatalyst “Top Gun” Training

27 Sep 2017, Posted by Lydia Tagari in Past Event, Training

  Adobe SiteCatalyst “Top Gun” Training Adobe SiteCatalyst, while being an extremely powerful web analytics tool, can be challenging to master.  It is not uncommon for organizations using SiteCatalyst to only take advantage of 30%-40% of its functionality.  Some organisations keen to get the most…

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