UX analytics in under five minutes

14 Jul 2016, Posted by Lance Nelson in Blog, Lance's posts, Web Analytics

We asked one of our most experienced web analysts, Lance Nelson, to help us understand UX analytics (also known as session replay, click-mapping or in-page analytics). How would you describe UX analytics? UX analytics tracks what a visitor does within a page on your website – which is why it is sometimes…

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Some special benefits

06 Apr 2016, Posted by Adrian Kingwell in Adrian's posts, Life @ Mezzo Labs

Candidates often ask us what our benefits are, as if working for the world’s coolest analytics company isn’t enough 😉 We have put together a bundle of things that we hope will make working for us even more special. Here are the highlights… Inside Out…

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Personal development at Mezzo Labs

24 Mar 2016, Posted by Adrian Kingwell in Adrian's posts, Life @ Mezzo Labs

We encourage staff to join projects that stretch their capabilities and also to attend training courses that accelerate their skills growth. Mezzo Labs sees itself as a talent incubator – we hire exceptional people and help them to grow their talents. You will define your…

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Data layers in under five minutes

02 Mar 2016, Posted by Phil Craig in Blog, Phil's posts, Web Analytics

Phil Craig explains everything you need to know about data layers but was afraid to ask. What is a data layer? It’s kind of like a Vienetta, actually no it’s not, it’s just the word ‘layer’ reminds me of Vienettas. Anyway, I’ll mop away my…

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