Life @ Mezzo Labs


Hong Kong

04 May 2018, Posted by Lydia Tagari in Chris D's posts, Life @ Mezzo Labs

We’re growing! The Mezzo Labs magic is expanding – we’re taking our decade of experience helping some of the biggest brands in the UK get the most out of their data, and using it to open an office in Hong Kong. We’ve had relationships in…

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Tom’s story: A data science evolution

08 Feb 2017, Posted by Tom Davenport in Life @ Mezzo Labs, Tom's posts

Tom Davenport is our new data science expert, recently joining us through a Knowledge Transfer Partnership with University of Westminster.  Here he describes what this means, and what he is going to do for the business. I recently graduated from Stirling University’s Big Data programme.  For…

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Some special benefits

06 Apr 2016, Posted by Adrian Kingwell in Adrian's posts, Life @ Mezzo Labs

Candidates often ask us what our benefits are, as if working for the world’s coolest analytics company isn’t enough 😉 We have put together a bundle of things that we hope will make working for us even more special. Here are the highlights… Inside Out…

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Personal development at Mezzo Labs

24 Mar 2016, Posted by Adrian Kingwell in Adrian's posts, Life @ Mezzo Labs

We encourage staff to join projects that stretch their capabilities and also to attend training courses that accelerate their skills growth. Mezzo Labs sees itself as a talent incubator – we hire exceptional people and help them to grow their talents. You will define your…

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