“Although the job market is booming for experienced web analysts, it is still way too hard for graduates to get their feet on the bottom rung of the career ladder.” 

Adrian Kingwell, 
Founder, Mezzo Labs 

Getting on the first rung 

Few companies offer graduate training programmes for analysts, preferring to buy in top talent from all over the world. Mezzo Labs takes a different approach – we use our Internship programme to find tomorrows rock star analysts amongst students from UK universities. 

We run two programmes per year: the Summer programme starts in July, with its Winter programme starting the following January. Each programme lasts 6 months, with a decision point after the first 3 months. At the end of the programme, if you have achieved your targets, we will offer you a permanent position. 

What we offer 

Working directly within one of the Professional Services teams, our interns get involved in all aspects of a Web Analytics Managers role: 

  • report-writing and tagging for clients, using tools such as Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics and Webtrends,  
  • extracting and analysing data to produce reports in Excel and PowerPoint. 
  • Writing tagging guides for Google Analytics, WebTrends and Adobe Analytics 

These are hands-on roles, not a “job watching” role – an opportunity to put into practice all the learning from your degree, both offline and online. 

What we ask for  

Ironically, its pretty tricky identifying the star analysts of tomorrow. But we’ve pretty good at solving problems like this, so we think we’ve cracked it.  

As a rule, interns who thrive look like this: 

  • Education: A post-graduate qualification (MA or MSc) in business, marketing or analytics (or a strong Bachelors degree in comparable fields), and a desire to learn more. 
  • Character: Energetic, highly motivated, an enquiring mind, a passion for excellence and innovation in pursuit of success, commercially astute, dynamic, sociable and generous (Generous is one of our brand values) 
  • Experience: Previous experience in marketing is preferred but not essential; a strong work ethic and passion for digital marketing, on the other hand, are essential. 
  • Skills: Communication, IT, Influencing, technically strong in insight, analytical, and influencing people. 


The Mezzo Labs difference 

So how is our internship different from others? 

  • It is paid. We’ll pay you £12.50 per hour. Fair’s fair. 
  • It is flexible. We just pay you for the hours you do. You need Tuesday afternoons off to work on your thesis? No problem.  
  • It is real work. You work with real clients on real billable projects. You’re one of the team. We won’t ask you to do anything that we wouldn’t ask one of our analysts to do. 
  • You will learn. You tell us what you want to get out of the internship, what success looks like, and we’ll help you get there. 
  • It is a trial for a permanent role. Show us what you can do, show us you have a passion for analytics and for making clients say wow, and we’ll offer you a permanent position at the end of it. 

If you want proof that the programme works, look at Iulia Cioara. Iulia joined our Summer 2015 Internship programme after graduating from Regents University with a masters in Digital Marketing & Analytics. Six months later, she started as a full-time permanent Insight Executive, and in January 2017 was promoted to Senior Insight Executive. She is now working with clients like Barclaycard, HSBC and Marie Curie, plus an active member of the Measurecamp committee and an invaluable member of the Mezzo Labs team. 

What to do next 

We enrol successful applicants for the internship programme at two points in the year: March (for the Summer programme that starts in July) and October (for the Winter programme that starts in January). 

Please note we are currently accepting applications for the Summer 2018 Internship programme – closing date for applications is Monday 30 April 2018.

Interested? Here’s how to apply. 

  • Download the Online Analysis Test and prepare an appropriate response to the challenge within.
  • Send us your CV and your response using the Internship Application form. 
  • We will review your application and invite successful candidates to a one-hour interview in our London office. In this interview you will be asked to give a 20 minute presentation on “the coolest thing in analytics”. 
  • We will make our decision and let you know as soon we can. It is a team decision and based mostly on how well we see you working with your team members and with our clients. 

 There are only a limited number of spaces available in each programme. 

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