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Accelerate your digital

Think faster. Act smarter. Sell more.

Wherever you are, we'll give you the roadmap and capability to reach digital utopia.


Create an insights-driven business, without increasing headcount

We will get you from Jungle to Utopia faster, and with lower risk.

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Gut-feel decisions

  • Free analytics tools. No integration

  • Ad hoc reports, inaccurate data


Data-driven decisions

  • Good analytics set-up. Some integration

  • Automated dashboards with accurate KPIs. AB testing


Data-driven execution

  • Advanced analytics. CDP and marketing data warehouse

  • Deep-dive analysis, basic marketing automation


Insights-driven business

  • Single customer view. Data integrated across the business

  • Personalised/optimised X-channel experiences. Predictive analytics


A Performance Accelerator

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Three core deliverables are Insight Generation, Personalisation and Process Improvement.

Actionable insights at speed 

Think faster

You want insights to drive your marketing decisions. You have data and you know the answer to performance is in there. What do you do?

Old way

Build a team

You'll need to build a team of analysts, maybe even a data scientist or two, or maybe find an agency who can do this specialist work.

But this takes time and you'll need headcount.

Plus it's not risk-free: there's no guarantee they'll deliver, and if they leave, few of the learnings will remain.

With Mezzo Labs

Use a Service 

Finding anomalies is done better, faster and cheaper by machine. But without humans training the machine, you'll not get the meaningful insights.

Using our experts to train our algorithms around your data, we deliver Insights As A Service. You get useful, actionable insights faster and cheaper than humanly possible.

Plus, the insights will stay with your organisation, regardless of staff churn.

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Smarter ways of working

Act smarter

You want your digital team to work smarter, not harder. Use insights to make decisions. Stop wasting time and repeating last year's mistakes. Start moving up the maturity curve. But how?

Old way

Open a ticket

An organised digital team puts its requests into JIRA or Trello and slowly cranks through the tasks.

But is this working smarter? Is Digital moving forward and upwards, or will you be doing the same thing next year as you did last year?

Are you accelerating performance, or just going round in circles?

With Mezzo Labs 

Open the roadmap

We've created a playbook of digital analytics best practice - a system that aligns your people and processes around your data to accelerate performance.

We call it Performance Accelerator. It's a blend of technology and expertise that drives you up that maturity curve to insight-driven automated hyper-personalisation.

It is a roadmap for your future.

Personalisation on the fly

Sell more

You want hyper-personalised customer experiences at speed and scale. But you're still treating existing customers the same as first-time visitors. So how do you make personalisation work?

Old way 

Buy a tool

You've read about Customer Data Platform. A vendor has given you a trial licence to test their CDP on your website.

Strangely, it doesn't work out of the box.

Real-time personalisation is a lot harder to deliver than you first thought.

With Mezzo Labs 

Get results

Great CDPs need great data. There is no customer in the world that will be impressed with the wrong message at the right time.

Get the data right, and align your process and technology to it, and you might stand a chance of winning.

Our tech-agnostic "data-first" architecture ensures accurate numbers keep your personalisation engine on rails.

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