Our brand values


People often ask us what our brand values are. So here you go…

1. Generosity

Share your ideas, give your free time. Be generous. Work together, share, help others, teach them, coach them.

2. Empathy

See things from the other person’s point of view. If someone appears unreasonable, try to understand – it may not be their fault. What is the customer really trying to achieve? Help them with that.

3. Drive

Be proactive. Don’t wait to be told what to do. Take the driving seat and push each project forward. Communicate, ask questions, agree actions, assign owners, confirm timescales. And never, ever give up.

4. Wow

Make your customers say “wow!”. Surprise them. Gift wrap your work. Make it look amazing. Find the special stuff. Make spines tingle.

5. Spark

Do a great job but find a better way to do it. Challenge the norm. Invent a simpler, quicker way of operating. Ignore “best practice”. Cut out waste. Look for the fun in the idea, the neat trick. Find the spark.