Google Analytics Advanced Technical

Our Google Analytics Advanced Technical training course provides a thorough understanding of how data is collected on a websiteincluding a best practice GA set up.   This training will leave you able to confidently assess your website, to ensure that the data you are making decisions from is accurate.  Where you find errors in data onsite, you will also be taught how to debug glitches to resolve problems. 

  • Profile Set up: A best practice approach to setting up Google Analytics accounts, profiles and views
  • Advanced Tracking: Event tracking, custom dimensions, custom and calculated metrics, cross and sub-domain tracking and virtual page views
  • Data Layer: Understand, build and debug a custom data later
  • Debugging: Use Chrome developer tools and browser extensions
  • Regular Expressions: What is regex and how it is used
  • Advanced tracking and Offline Data: Measurement protocol and Data imports
  • Campaigns and conversions: Custom campaign tracking, AdWords integration, channel groupings, goals and funnels
  • Learn how the end to end process of data collection works for Google Analytics
  • Learn the best way to collect data using various types of tags, dimensions and metrics
  • Understand what a data layer is, when to use one (especially for e-commerce), how to set one up and ensure it’s working correctly
  • Understand how regular expression can help create flexible and speedy definitions for use in GA and GTM
  • Find and filter erroneous traffic from your reports
  • Integrate third-party marketing tools and offline data in your GA reports

The training is suitable for people who are familiar with using Google Analytics (and basic GTM) to see how their website is performing, or who have attended our Google Analytics – Introduction course.

Our Google Analytics – Advanced Technical training course is ideal for people who already use GA for reporting but want to improve their technical understanding of the tool. The outcome being an advanced understanding of the implementation, debugging and auditing process for GA    

The Google Analytics – Advanced Technical training course is aimed at developers, marketers, analysts and e-commerce managers wanting a technical understanding of how to get the best out of Google Analytics.

  • One-day classroom-based training course in central London
  • Small groups of maximum 10 attendees
  • Expert technical trainer
  • Hands-on practical exercises and interactive quizzes
  • Training materials shared after the course
  • 3 months of post-course email-based support
  • Excellent coffee, artisan sandwiches and plenty of snacks through the day
  • Earn continuing professional development (CPD) hours with every course you take




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