Google Tag Manager Fundamentals

Our Google Tag Manager (GTM) training course is designed to give you a complete overview of how the Google Tag Manager tool works. We will look at the different types of tags, triggers and variables to understand how to collect the right data from your site, as well as how to use a data layer for a more robust data collection structure.

We have a custom-made training environment with lots of exercises to practice all the key elements of the course. Our Google Tag Manager training will leave you confident in understanding the GTM interface, its core capabilities, how to set up it up, check for errors and manage it.

  • Tagging Overview:  Data layer, tags, triggers, variables   
  • GTM Set up: Initial set up, the data layer, workspaces, previewing, publishing and debugging
  • Tagging: Different tag types, custom metrics and custom dimensions, event tracking and enhanced ecommerce
  • Triggers: Page views, clicks and other triggers and utilising regular expression 
  • Variables: Built in and custom variables 
  • Data layer: Build a custom data layer, ecommerce data layers, single page applications and debugging 
  • Managing GTM: Admin console and version control 
  • Understand the key elements of Google Tag Manager (data layer, tags, triggers, and variables) and how they interact 
  • Learn how to set up GTM, use workspaces, preview tags and variables using the GTM debugger before publishing  
  • Become familiar with the core tags, triggers and variables within GTM
  • Learn how to use built in variables and how and when to create custom variables 
  • Understand event tracking, the relationship between the data layer and enhanced ecommerce, cross domain tracking, and virtual page views. 

The training is suitable for people who are familiar with using Google Analytics to see how their website is performing, or who have attended our Google Analytics – Introduction course 
No previous knowledge of GTM is required for this course.

Our GTM training course is aimed at people wanting to understand the different types of tags, triggers and events, and how to manage them.   

The training is primarily aimed at developers wanting to become familiar with the GTM set up, or marketers and analysts looking to expand their technical experience and manage their tags. 

  • One-day classroom-based training course in central London 
  • Small groups of maximum 10 attendees 
  • Expert GTM trainer
  • Hands-on practical exercises and interactive quizzes 
  • Training materials shared after the course 
  • 3 months of post-course email-based support  
  • Excellent coffee, artisan sandwiches and plenty of snacks through the day
  • Earn continuing professional development (CPD) hours with every course you take




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