Tableau Intermediate Hong Kong

Our Tableau Intermediate training course will help you take your foundation Tableau skills and take them to the next level. This one-day hands-on training course will provide familiarity with blending data sources, advanced data techniques such as forecasting and clustering as well as creating your own dashboards for guided analytics and insight.
If you want to use Tableau in earnest to develop your analytical skills, this course will use example data sets to help you practice the concepts being taught, to help you become more adept at presenting findings from multiple data sets in impactful ways.

  • Prepping your data for analysis: Basics of relational databases, combine data sources using data blending, combine data from multiple tables in the same data source using joins, pivot & unpivot data, custom SQL, connecting to APIs like Google Analytics.
  • Building advanced chart types and visualisations: cross filtering, drilldown, custom shapes
  • Building complex calculations to manipulate your data: Level of detail calculations, logic statements, advanced table calculations
  • Using statistical techniques to analyse your data: Forecasting, clustering, line of best fit
  • Using parameters and input controls: Giving users control over certain values
  • Using sets, bins & groups: Grouping and classifying your data
  • Building quick & efficient dashboards: making your visualisations perform efficiently by using the Data Engine, extracts, and connection methods
  • Building better dashboards: using techniques for guided analytics, interactive dashboard design, and visual best practices
  • Implementing efficiency tips and tricks
  • Handling multiple data sets from different sources, allowing you to bring data together from around your business to enhance understanding of performance
  • Building more advanced dashboards so users can ‘self-serve’ their insight
  • Use Tableau’s forecasting and other statistical tools

This course is designed for users that have got to grips with the basics of Tableau but have yet to realise it’s full potential as an analysis tool in their business.

The course is designed to help you both understand and use the important concepts and techniques in Tableau to advance from simple to complex visualisations and learn how to combine them in interactive dashboards.

  • Small groups of maximum 10 attendees
  • Expert Tableau trainer
  • Hands-on practical exercises and interactive quizzes
  • Post-course online training manual
  • Email-based support for 3 months following the course
  • Earn continuing professional development (CPD) hours with every course you take




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