Webtrends Analytics Advanced

This Advanced Webtrends Infinity (WT) training course, is designed for current WT practitioners and will be tailored to reflect your current Webtrends set up (9/10 or Infinity). The one-day training course will cover the advanced functionality and provide you with a detailed understanding of bespoke dimensions and calculated measures along with more intelligent data extraction methods – allowing you and your teams the understanding of how to interrogate your data further.

Please note that at this time, Webtrends Analytics training is offered only to customers requiring bespoke training on their existing Webtrends account.

Please get in touch to talk to us about your requirements and we can tailor the course content to your level of experience and business need.

  • Tagging and data collection: Technical terminologies and definitions, website tagging, introduction to web development and how Webtrends collects and serves it data.
  • Administration management: Account settings, user and data permissions and library functionality.
  • Tailor made dimensions and measures: Theory development behind why you need these, step by step process of how to create them, when to use them and how to inject your standard reports.
  • Campaign code management: New Infinity campaign code upload and automating link tracking via an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Data Extraction using APIs: learning how APIs work, building query with report links, extracting large datasets into Excel and best practice data manipulation techniques.
  • Have a full understanding of how tags are implemented and how to use developer tools to run simple checks/investigation.
  • Make sense of technical jargon, allowing you to escalate problems clearly to your Web Development teams.
  • Manage permissions and access of your Infinity collections for your entire company, making you a super user.
  • Create your own bespoke dimensions and calculated measures to further align your data to terminology familiar to the business.
  • Extract Webtrends codes from the back-end system and upload new campaigns codes.
  • Extract large datasets using bespoke Webtrends Infinity APIs into excel spreadsheets to automate your reporting.
  • Manipulate your data to really highlight the insights you need using intelligent formulas.

This training course has been tailored and created for current Webtrends practitioners who know the basics of the tool and how to navigate Webtrends Infinity, but wish to understand the advanced functions available. It is also suitable to anyone who is advanced in older versions of Webtrends and need to be refreshed on newer features in Infinity.

It is aimed primarily at digital marketers, ecommerce managers, UX designers, newbie web analysts or anyone wanting knowledge of Webtrends 9/10 or Infinity.

  • One-day classroom-based training course in central London
  • Bespoke training tailored to your requirements
  • Expert Webtrends trainer
  • Hands-on practical exercises and interactive quizzes
  • Post-course online training manual
  • Post-course email-based support for 3 months
  • Excellent coffee, artisan sandwiches and plenty of snacks through the day
  • Earn continuing professional development (CPD) hours with every course you take


Price available on request


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