Google Analytics Advanced Analysis


Our Google Analytics – Advanced Analysis training course covers the more complex elements of Google Analytics (GA) and Google Analytics 360 (formerly known as Premium). This one-day classroom-based course will provide familiarity with advanced analysis tools and techniques such as segmentation, advanced filters and e-commerce funnels. 

Eventbrite - Google Analytics - Advanced Analysis



This course is suitable for anyone using Google Analytics on a regular (at least weekly) basis, or who has been on our Google Analytics – Introduction course.   If you’re comfortable navigating around the GA interface, this course can help you delve into the why and how.  

Our Advanced Analysis course is for users looking to create tailored performance reports for stakeholders and answer detailed performance questions. We will help you understand the different tools and techniques available to drill further into the data and see how different users are behaving in order to identify niche trends in performance.  

The Google Analytics – Advanced Analysis course is aimed primarily at digital marketers, e-commerce managers, UX designers, web analysts or anyone wanting an advanced knowledge of how users are behaving on the GA platform.


What you’ll be able to do

  • Answer questions about your website audiences and site performance by creating and using GA custom reports and dashboards
  • Learn how to segment your audience to drill down even further and answer questions about niche markets
  • Set up Goals and Funnels to get a better understanding of conversions
  • Perform advanced data analyses and visualisations by automating and manipulating GA data extracts via APIs
  • Understand the importance of accurate campaign tracking in measuring advertising effectiveness


Course content

  • Quick recap of the web analytics environment

    • Key definitions and uses, Digital objectives and KPIs, How tracking works, Classic vs Universal
  • Quick recap of GA interface

    • Account structure, User permissions, Navigation menu, Report structure, Dimensions and metrics, Standard reports
  • Advanced reporting techniques

    • Filters, segments and the use of regular expressions (i.e. Regex)
    • Calculated metrics, custom dimensions and metrics
  • Goals and funnels

  • Custom reporting

    • Custom reports and dashboards
    • Automated data extracts and manipulation via APIs
    • GA Data Studio?
    • Tool integrations for custom reporting (e.g. Supermetrics Excel, Tableau, PowerBI)
  • Campaign tracking

  • Site optimisation

    • Hypotheses and testing
  • Top tips and tricks


What you’ll get

  • One-day classroom-based training course in central London
  • Experienced GA expert trainer
  • Hands-on practical exercises
  • Post-course online training manual
  • Post-course email-based support for 3 months


Thursday19th April09.30 - 16.30
Thursday11th May09.30 - 16.30
Thursday5th July 09.30 - 16.30
Friday 21st September09.30 - 16.30
Wednesday21st November09.30 - 16.30

Eventbrite - Google Analytics - Advanced Analysis