Mezzo Labs helps digital marketers turn data into insights 
to improve their marketing

In 2006, we started Mezzo Labs to solve a basic problem: digital teams were not using data to driven decisions, but were using gut-feel to find what was, and wasn't working.

The cause of the problem was a lack of trust in the data, so we started by learning to tag websites properly. Shortly after, we offered help with turning that data into actionable insights.


And then we began AB testing and personalising experiences with that data. A short time later, we have become one of the leaders of digital analytics.

With offices in London, Hong Kong and Singapore, we have a team of talented data experts in data strategy, data architecture, web analytics, CX analytics, insights generation, data science, Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) and personalisation.

Our consultants are certified in Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics and Tealium.


We help you use your data to learn more about your customers, identify waste in your current processes, and then to sell more to them by producing personalised customer experiences.

Our Uplifter platform turns marketing data into actionable insight and helps you decide what is working - and not working - in your digital channels.

Our Performance Accelerator programme accelerates your digital maturity, winning you extra customers, without increasing marketing budget or headcount.


Adrian Kingwell


Adrian heads up Mezzo Labs. After a successful career in software sales at GE, Oracle and many start-ups and scale-ups, he founded Mezzo Labs in 2006 with a vision of changing the world of analytics forever. Since then, he has successfully grown the company to become a major contender in the UK market, more recently expanding into Asiapac also.

Steve Keightley


We trust Steve with driving the UK business. Pragmatic and industrious, Steve proves that no business challenge is too big to tackle. Having forged his career at Accenture, Barclays and Maxymiser, he joined Mezzo Labs in 2016 and soon became UK MD, building an infrastructure that will help us scale well into the future.

Tony Heywood


Tony is helping us drive the transformation process in our business. Having built, managed and sold software/web/mobile tech businesses, he brings experience and guidance in a range of areas from strategy, product direction, go-to-market and high growth execution, to angel/institution funding, M&A and exit planning.

Mark Teal


Mark is responsible for growth and management of the Singapore office. Prior to this, Mark was Head of Growth and Partnerships ASEAN for Digitas Singapore, where he helped clients evolve their digital marketing strategy in an ever-competitive landscape. Key to this was exploring how data was being managed and analysed to understand customer behaviour and how it was activated via technology software.

Mita Mehta


Mita is a Managing Consultant for Insights. Having previously worked at Debenhams and the ICAEW, Mita has a wealth of knowledge and expertise from different industries. She’s a fully certified Business Practitioner in both Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics. 

Natalie Hill


Natalie has been responsible for financial operations in Mezzo Labs since 2010. A former Director of Finance at Jones Lang Lasalle, Natalie has held a number of similar roles at a host of start-ups and scales-ups. With her tireless dedication and financial expertise, Natalie has managed to help our company realise its aspirations.

Patrick Milburn


Patrick is the Managing Director of Mezzo Labs Hong Kong, leading our efforts to build a regional capability in Asia Pacific.

He’s been in Hong Kong for over 5 years, previously having been Head of Data for Digitas APAC. Patrick has been in digital since he started working and has seen its importance grow from the original need to ‘have a website’ to being the core of experiences customers have with brands. He loves leading part of an agency whose only focus is to help clients make better use of data.

Alex Holman-Butt


Alex is responsible for making Uplifter the best digital intelligence platform in the world. He boasts nearly a decade of experience in the analytics industry. Passionate about data and innovation, Alex has managed to recruit an excellent team of developers and win the attention of the analytics sector.

Joe Lines


A veteran business person who is always looking for the next big challenge, Morgan James has been with us since starting our company in 2000.


With their passion and expertise, Morgan James has managed to take our company to new highs and achieve growth. Check out our press kit for lectures or press opportunities with Morgan James.

Aliur Rahman


Aliur delivers analytics strategy for our clients and is also responsible for leading the technical and optimisation teams.


Aliur has over 13 years' experience working in analytics, experimentation and personalisation. He has built and led large teams for global companies including Barclays, Accenture, HSBC and Experian.


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