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Mezzo Labs helps digital marketers turn data into insights 
to improve their marketing


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We help you use your data to learn more about your customers, identify waste in your current processes, and then to sell more to them by producing personalised customer experiences.

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With the help of some AI, we turn marketing data into actionable insight to help you decide what is working - and not working - in your digital channels.


We then use the data to automate personalised experiences, winning you extra customers, without increasing marketing budget or headcount.


In 2006, we started Mezzo Labs to solve a basic problem: digital teams were not using data to driven decisions, but were using gut-feel to find what was, and wasn't working.

The cause of the problem was a lack of trust in the data, so we started by learning to tag websites properly. Shortly after, we offered help with turning that data into actionable insights.


And then we began AB testing and personalising experiences with that data. A short time later, we have become one of the leaders of digital analytics.

With offices in London, Hong Kong and Singapore, we have a team of talented data experts in data strategy, data architecture, web analytics, CX analytics, insights generation, data science, Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) and marketing automation. Our consultants are certified in Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics and Tealium.


In 2023, we were delighted to be acquired by The MISSION Group plc.


Headquartered in London, MISSION is a collection of 19 marketing agencies with staff of over 1,000 people, operating in 3 continents.


Together with its existing clients, Mezzo Labs now services many of the clients of those other agencies.


Reporting into the Board of Directors at The MISSION Group, Mezzo Labs' senior leadership team runs the strategy and operations for the agency.

  • Are you a consultancy or a technology company?
    Mezzo Labs is a digital analytics and marketing technology agency.
  • What technologies are you certified in?
    Our staff are certified in leading technology vendors such as Adobe, Tealium and Google Analytics. We invest in our staff to ensure that they have the right skills and knowledge to help our clients.
  • How does Mezzo Labs typically work with clients?
    We view all our engagements as a partnership with the client. Much of our work requires close collaboration with client teams. All our consultants are client-facing – even the technical specialists. We pride ourselves on our ability to communicate technical concepts in plain English. Clients can speak directly to the specialists doing the work. Each client is assigned a senior consultant who oversees the relationship.
  • How long does a typical engagement usually last?
    This depends on the type of work. Some engagements last 2-3 months (such as a simple technical implementation) right through to 12-months or more. For example, our transformation programmes are designed to deliver a step-change in digital analytics performance and so we recommend at least a 12-month engagement. We’re proud that almost all of our relationships with clients span several years.
  • Are you ISO certified?
    We are ISO9001 certified. We chose to get this certification to demonstrate that we provide a high quality service. We are entrusted with the data of our clients – including leading organisations in the Financial Services industry, so providing a high-quality service is in our DNA.
  • Do you participate in requests for proposals (RFPs)?
    We are selective about who we work with and most of our engagements result from relationships that have we have developed over many years. For this reason we don’t participate in RFPs.
  • Will Mezzo Labs work with other agencies to deliver larger projects?
    Yes. We are specialists in digital analytics but on wider-reaching projects we partner with organisations that have complimentary skills.
  • Where are your teams located?
    We have staff in the UK, Hong Kong and Singapore. All UK and EU clients are serviced using UK-based staff – most of whom are based in London. The Hong Kong and Singapore teams service our clients in Asia Pacific. We have affiliated MISSION Agencies in the USA and Columbia to provide first line support for us in North and South America.
  • How much experience do your consultants have?
    Our consultants have a range of experience and expertise. All our consultants have at least two years of relevant experience and our most experienced have over 10 years working in the industry. We match experience levels to the needs of the client. We tailor our resources to meet those needs, deploying the right level of expertise for the right project. For complex engagements we assign a project manager to ensure smooth delivery.
  • Do you have intern positions?
    Yes we do. Go to our Graduates page and apply.
  • Do you outsource work?
    When a particular project requires skills that we don't have within our permanent staff team, we will use staff from other MISSION agencies, and occasionally from the contractor market. If you want to offer us services that you think we might need, contact us.
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