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A fully-paid, two-year structured work programme that turns university graduates into qualified, experienced digital analysts.

Our promise

This is the first step in the trip of your life

"Our strategy is not hiring ready-made experts, but spotting talented young individuals, nurturing them, and turning their dreams into reality. 

Think of Mezzo Labs as a bus. You get on board at a point in your life with an idea of a destination - but no idea how to get there. The Mezzo bus will get you there. 

If you are at university, and you think a career in analytics might be for you, apply for a place on our Graduate Training Programme. We'll get you there, I promise."


- Adrian Kingwell, founder & CEO 


Our programme


During the first 6 months, you will learn basic skills in the following tools:

Google Analytics

Google Tag Manager

Google Data Studio


During the next 6 months, you will increase your knowledge in the basic tools, plus get work experience on live client projects.


At the start of year 2, you will use the data to discover and test business insights and/or do more advanced data engineering work.


In the final six months, you will work unassisted on various client projects and help them use data to improve the performance of their digital marketing.

How you apply

The application form

Complete the form below and we'll be in touch.

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